Birthday Wishes for Little Boy

Sending birthday wishes to an incredibly amazing little boy,
Which include an overflowing amount of love, hugs and joy!
Happy Birthday!

Your smile is shinier than all the stars above,
Which is exactly why a little boy as adored as you,
Is worthy of a special day filled with happiness and love!
Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Sending a truck load of birthday wishes to go
because you’re the sweetest little boy I know!
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday little slugger,
You’re one year older,
And one year bigger!!!
Have a spectacular day!

I’m sending these birthday wishes
to the cutest little dude in the world,
May your big day be filled with loads of fun!
Happy Birthday Little Guy!

Happy Birthday to the funniest and cutest little guy ever
All the things that you do and say are always so very clever!
Happy Birthday Cutie!

Little boy, you are the sweetest one,
You deserve a fabulous birthday filled with fun!
Happy Birthday Cutie Pie!

When you came into my family
it didn’t take me long to see
the true blessing you are to me.
Happy Birthday to a Miraculous Little Boy!

Sending a heap of birthday greetings,
to a tough and spunky little dude,
who is sweeter than words can include.
Happy Birthday and may your day be full of big surprises!

Hope your birthday brings you as much enjoyment,
As the pleasure and amusement you bring to everyone else!
Happy Birthday to the sweetest little guy ever!!!

Sending birthday wishes to a special boy
who is as precious and sweet as can be
and a real blessing to his friends and family.
Happy Birthday Little Guy!

Sending birthday wishes to an incredibly amazing little boy
That include an overflowing amount of love, hugs and joy!
Happy Birthday!

Sweet little boy, it’s as simple as 123,
You’re adorable and cute as can be!
Happy Birthday Miniature Dude!

There’s not another one as sweet, it’s true,
that’s why I’m sending special wishes to you!
Happy Birthday to a Precious Little Boy!

Sweet little guy, today is your big day
Hope it’s very special in every way!

Sweet little boys like you deserve awesome birthdays,
Hope your big day is the greatest and happiest of all!
Happy Birthday!

Little boys are made of many things
Action figures and tire tree swings,
Soccer balls and baseball caps,
Video games and little pet rats…
Happy Birthday – may your day be filled
with lots of yummy cake and ice cream!

To an awesome kid on his big day
Hope your day brings everything
You wished for – Happy birthday!

Just skating by to say
there’s not a little guy
that’s cooler than you!
“Happy Birthday Dude!”

Sending love to a treasured boy…
You’re a wonderful little guy
Who’s ever so sweet and dear
With love that keeps growing
Each and every day of the year!
Happy Birthday precious little boy!