70th Birthday Wishes for Mom

Dearest Mother, who held my hand and dried my tears,
And lifted my spirits with the smile you wore,
Thank you for sharing the wisdom of your 70 years.
Happy birthday and may you celebrate many more.

Happy 70th birthday, Mother.
You have always been by my side
To love and nourish, protect and guide.
Let’s make your day special together.

Happy birthday to my mom so kind and caring,
Who read me stories when I was young,
And soothed me with songs so sweetly sung.
May your 70th bring all that you’re desiring.

To my mom, who’s awe-inspiring,
I send loving wishes your way,
For a 70th birthday
That’s just like you, outstanding!

To you, Mom, who worked hard from 9 to 5
And cared for me besides.
Sit down, relax, enjoy your day,
You’ve earned it in every way.
Happy 70th birthday!

Dear mother of mine, who must have been by angels sent,
I send my heartfelt love on this special event.
The tender loving care you give without restraint,
Though you may be oh so tired, is done without complaint.
Of this there is no doubt, I know it to be true.
So, a joyous 70th birthday, Mother, I wish for you.

On your 70th birthday, Mom, I wish to say,
How much I treasure your wisdom more and more each day.
When I was younger, I believed I was the wiser,
Yet as I grew, I deemed you a worthy adviser.
Now older still, with children of my own to guide,
I realize what a priceless asset, the knowledge you provide.
Having come full circle, being both a parent and the child,
A broader view helps me to see, the things that are worthwhile.
It’s what you’ve always known, you’ve shown me from the start.
The wisest things in life, by far, are matters of the heart.
I love you, Mom, happy birthday.

A tiny babe without a home, you chose me for your own.
You came with Dad to pick me up and be my family.
Since that day, through all these years, this fact remained consistently;
Next to your heart, you kept me close, and loved me unconditionally.
In you my life began anew, no longer was I alone.
So, on this your 70th birthday, I’d like to let you see,
What a blessing, my dear sweet Mom, are you.
With heartfelt thanks, much love I want to send you too,
For the special person that you are and everything you do.
May your birthday be as wonderful as the gift you are to me.

Happy 70th birthday, Mom, on this joyful event.
Today your remarkable life is cause for celebration
Of your devotion and recognition for your accomplishments.
To you I send my deepest love and greatest admiration.

With love to you, Mom, on your 70th birthday.
May you be abundantly blessed, in every way,
As I have been to be raised by you, I pray.