Birthday Wishes for Little Brother

Though we spend time tormenting each other,
Finding new and exciting ways to bother,
To pick, to tease, and fight one another,
That’s just what siblings do, my brother.

We may fight, but in the end we know,
It needn’t be said, but I love you so.
And I can’t wait to see how far you go,
In the years ahead of you still, little bro!

I know that we do not often say,
That we actually do feel that way.
But on special occasions we may!
So, I love you, and wish you Happy Birthday!

Siblings often show their love
In ways others see as strange.
They kick and scream and fight and insult
And sometimes just look deranged.
Hair is for pulling, eyes for poking,
Teeth are just meant to bite.
But others better not mess with us,
‘Cause for each other we’ll gladly fight.
Because, here is a secret thing,
That others may or may not know.
I’m the only one that gets
To torment my little bro!
And I know that I do not,
As often as I should, say
How much I love you, so I will,
And also, Happy Birthday!

Little brother, you may find this difficult to believe.
But in this lifetime together you’ve taught so much to me.
You taught me that I need to always lock my door.
And you taught me that my patience is stronger at my core.
You taught me all the places that a thief can lurk,
And ” I’m telling Mom and Dad” may not always work.
You taught me so very much and for that I thank you,
Even though you can be tricky, my love for you is true!
And I guess it’d be kind of mean for me not to say
That I really do hope you have a Happy Birthday!

I remember on the day you were born I thought “Oh, swell!
I’ve got a partner in crime to whom my secrets I can tell.
I’ll have someone to go on adventures near and far,
And a person to talk to on long rides in the car!”
But then you got older and reality set in.
We just got in arguments that neither one would win.
You’d poke me and I’d pinch you and mother would yell “STOP!”
Both of us were constantly fighting to be on top!
But with all the crazy things that we would fight about,
We still managed to get along at times when we didn’t shout.
Because it really has been a blessing unlike any other
To have you right by my side all these years, my brother!

Happy Birthday, Little Bro!

You have learned quite well, young Jedi,
You have taken up many skills, I see!
I really could not be happier
To have someone like you as a mini-me!

I trained you well to get around
Some of our parents’ rules.
You have learned and acquired
Many savvy, useful tools.

With my partner in crime,
I could not be more pleased.
Even though all those years,
You I may have teased.

But this ride we’ve been on
Really has been fun!
I can’t wait to see how far
On this journey you’ll run!

Happy Birthday, my mini-me prodigy!