33th Birthday Wishes

It is finally your birthday!
Have a lot of fun, and go crazy!
Unless you want to spend
All afternoon being lazy.
Do whatever you want to do,
And enjoy this day because
It is dedicated to you.

Congratulations on turning 33!
Do what you want, and feel free
To indulge in some cake and ice cream.
Hope your birthday fulfills your every dream!

I never thought we would be friends
For as long as we have. It is so
Easy to lose touch with people,
But I had to keep you in my life.
I hope that I often show
You how much you mean to me.
Happy birthday! I look forward
To celebrating many more with you.

I used to be worried about turning 30,
But I had you to help me through it.
I thought I was unfit
To be a mature adult, and maybe I was right.
However, thanks to you my life has been bright
And great. Getting older is not so bad because
You and I make it look fun.
Happy 33rd birthday!
The best is yet to come!

I cannot believe how old you are
Because it makes me even older.
You wear your 30’s well,
And I know you not dwell
On your age.
If I looked as good as you,
I would not worry too!

Turning 33 is a special occasion!
You deserve a vacation
Because you have made it so far.
Reflect on all you have been through
And how much you grew
Over the years.
I hope you recognize what a unique
Individual you have become and that
You take some time to relax.
I will be here waiting when you get back!
Happy Birthday!

Your birthday is one of my
Favorite days of the year
Because you are not selfish,
And you always share your good cheer
With others. Your pleasant and giving
Nature inspires us all.
Thank you for being your wonderful self!
May you have a peaceful life and good health.

I always wonder how you can be
So positive and optimistic.
You never act pessimistic
Even when things are going bad.
Your lively nature always makes me smile.
I admire your sweet and happy lifestyle.
I cannot think of anyone who deserves a
Marvelous birthday and fantastic life more than you.

May your birthday bring you everything you want.
I will not even get jealous if you flaunt
Your gifts around me.
You deserve fine things and luxury!

We have had to weather
Some hard times, but
We always made it through.
I treasure all the time we
Get to spend together.
The bad times brought us closer,
And the good times are now some
Of my fondest memories.
Happy birthday!

Happy 33rd birthday!
I hope your day is full of smiles,
Kind words and people who you love.
Know that I am thinking of you
And wishing you well.
I always want to tell
You how much you mean to me,
And I am glad your birthday
Is the perfect opportunity.
I adore you and am grateful
for our relationship.
Thank you for being
My best friend.