Birthday Wishes for Newborn

Today, life stretches out before you—
a blank page in the book of life.
We hold, cuddle, caress you.
We hope to protect you from all strife.

The years will mold your mind.
Laughter and tears will shape your heart.
Today, we form the ties that bind
as we gather to celebrate this brand new start.

Ten fingers, ten toes,
a red and wrinkled tiny nose—
no tiny being, no other face
has been so beautiful in time or space.

The promise of you
sets my heart aflutter.
I never knew
I could love another
the way I fell head over feet
the moment I saw you, my sweet.

Welcome to the world, little bundle of joy.
Life is grand, come make the world your toy.

Today you met the world.
It is so big, and you’re so small.
Today my heart’s flag unfurled
in a desire to protect you above all.

Someday you’ll have the world by the tail.
Today is not that day.
Someday you’ll cry, feeling that you’ve failed.
Today is not that day.

Someday you’ll stand on stage and sing.
Today is not that day.
Someday you’ll feel like a mighty king.
Today is not that day.

Today is the day we welcome you—
a tiny bundle of joy—to greet the world.
Today is full of promises too
as you lie there with your tiny fist curled.

Beginnings hold more hopes and dreams,
more excitement, more passion,
and more potential, it seems,
than any other times in life.

Today, we hold you for the first time
and breathe a prayer for all the future holds.
We hope your life will be a successful climb
to summits as your future unfolds.

We’ll be here, holding you,
standing by your side,
supporting you through
the days of pain or pride.

No matter what comes along
in future days or years,
we’ll hold you, help you sing life’s song
in happiness or tears.

On this night, the stars shine bright.
Looking down from heaven,
they smile on the sight
of you—newly come to this world.

Our hearts dance and sing
at the wonder of this thing
called life.

Little princess sleeping tight,
little princess warm and bright,
Little princess, we love you.
We’ve waited so long to welcome you.
Little princess, rest well tonight.
Angels are watching in their flight.

You’re a fine, young prince.
You’re a strong, young prince.
We welcome you to the world, young prince.

We hold you in our arms tonight
and pray we’ll always be here to fight
away the fears
through all your years.

Sleep tight, young prince.
Welcome to the world, young prince.

Today, you met the world for the first time.
Everything is new to you—
the green grass, the sky so blue.

Today, you met your family for the first time.
We love and snuggle you—
whisper dreams we hope come true.

Today, the world is a better place
because today we first saw your face.