Birthday Wishes for ex Boyfriend

I once loved you lots.
I once loved you big.
Today on your birthday,
We’ll do a birthday jig.

Although you were mine, I can’t say I wish
that today on your birthday you get a wet fish.
I wish you the best as you move on your way.
I guess what I’m saying is, “Happy birthday!”

You once were my lovely bunny.
Now, I think you look kind of funny,
but you’re older now, honey.
I spent all your birthday money.

When I say, “We should bury the hatchet.”
I don’t mean bury it in your chest.
On your birthday, please don’t buy a casket.
I really do wish you the best.

Today, light the candles on your cake
and close your eyes, a wish to make.
Then blow out the flames
before making claims
on the good things to come in their wake.

You’re aging well.
It’s easy to tell.
I always thought you were a fun guy.
You’re more like cheese than apple pie.

Happy birthday to a man who’s good looking and fun.
Sometimes I wish our fun wasn’t done,
but despite our rough past,
I hope you have a blast
and are lucky in the long run.

Go on a drive.
Drive a golf ball.
Enjoy being alive.
Don’t show up for roll call.

Go dancing or play.
Have a happy birthday.

I’m glad that the path of my life
ran along with yours for a time.
Although we experienced strife,
missing you would have been such a crime.

As the years roll by,
may they be kind to you.
If ever you sigh,
remember that I still love you.

On this day, I remember you—
your stinky socks and underwear too.

On your birthday, I remember you—
your boyish smile and your laughter too.

On this day, I wish you the best.
I hope you have a day that’s blest.

We once shared love.
We had some fun.
We didn’t fit like a pair of gloves.

That time is done,
but God above
knows I’ll care about you for the long run.

On your birthday, I’ll send you no zingers.
I won’t send you strippers or candygram singers.

But lest I sound bitter or angry or sad,
I’ll tell you about the good time that I had
when we dated and loved and shared life with each other.
I’ll love you forever but now like a brother.

Happy birthday to a wonderful man.
I want you to know I’m your number one fan.
I appreciate you,
and although we are through
I wish you the best with your future plans.

Today, raise a glass.
Toast your life
and our past.

You deserve a good day.
Have a happy birthday.

Birthdays come and birthdays go.
Sometimes life is full of woe.
I hope you’re well.
I know time will tell.
Today, relax and go with the flow.