Birthday Wishes for Sweetheart

Heart and soul, my love, you are my life and my breath. Every tender moment brings us another memory to share. I am enchanted with you and so happy to be with you on this special day. May every one of your birthdays be as sweet and precious as we can make it.

Remember when we first met? I didn’t think I’d ever been so glad. It just keeps getting better, though. I hope this birthday brings you everything you want and I hope that includes me. May every birthday to come find us together.

Since I’ve known you, you’ve only become more beautiful, more refined, more exciting in every way. What’s another birthday? Each year shows another facet of the diamond. This birthday is just another chance for you to shine.

I’d give you the moon and the stars if I could reach up and grab them for you. Instead, let’s fly in the wind to the top of the clouds, look down on the sparkling night lights of Earth and imagine ourselves immortal. Here’s to your birthday!

Being separated from you, I remember you for your best qualities — your warm smile, your engaging eyes, the way you walk and the sound of your voice. I miss it all. Thinking of you while you’re away on your birthday. Come back to me soon, my love.

Spring is a time for new love. The lambs in the new grass, the baby birds chirping from their nest in the branches to be fed, all remind me of how special it is that we’re together. Happy birthday once again, my dear.

Charming, sophisticated, what can I say? I stand in awe of you every day. Take some time for yourself today, sweetheart.

I want to have you all to myself tonight. Let’s go out and have some fun, for sure. Let’s make the night sparkle. Then let’s come back home and spend some time, just the two of us, without all the dazzle. With you, the dazzle comes from within.

That’s it. Walk right through my defenses, topple all my obstacles, ignore my barriers. How did you know to do that? I’m so glad you arrived, here, with me. May every birthday make you even more courageous and more loving and bring you ever closer to me.

I celebrate this day with you. It’s one in a million. How did I win the lottery to be with you on this incredible journey? Let’s pack a lunch and zoom off to the horizon. When we get there, we can look back in amusement and relief. We made it another year! Happy birthday.