Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mother

Daughter, as I watch you grow up, I am happy for you because the many new experiences you gain and I am proud of you for your accomplishments, the lessons you learn daily, and the goals you set for yourself. Your birthday is a day to celebrate not only the fun-loving girl you have been, but the wise and graceful young woman you’re becoming. Happy birthday from a mother who could not ask for more.

When I held you in my arms for the first time, I thought I was experiencing as much love as the heart can hold. I was wrong. Every day of your life, I have grown to love you more and more. Through the occasional stumbling blocks and the times of victory alike, you have shown me that a mother’s love only grows. Happy birthday to the girl who continues to expand my heart.

In my eyes, daughter, you are a princess in a way that goes beyond wearing pretty dresses and sparkling shoes. Through your charm and vivacious spirit, your kindness toward everyone and your sense of responsibility, you are all the best aspects of modern-day royalty. Happy birthday to the girl who will always be a princess to me.

As whip-smart as you are beautiful, as generous in spirit as you are creative, you are all a mother could ask for. Happy birthday to a special girl who is the full package.

Daughter, sometimes I find myself missing the days when we would have celebrated your big day with a tea party for your giggling friends and your stuffed animals. However, I cannot mourn for the little girl you were when I look at who you are today. Whether we ring in your birthday with a horse-shaped cake and streamers or elegantly wrapped gifts and a dinner in a nice restaurant, I will always appreciate the chance to celebrate my daughter. Happy birthday.

Daughter, on the day you were born, I received the best gift of my life. A girl who would show me what it was to love unconditionally, whether I was celebrating triumphs with her or wiping away her tears. No birthday wish or gift could begin to repay you for the gift you are to me, but I do hope that this birthday is a wonderful one for you.

You may have traded in building sandcastles and looking at ladybugs through a magnifying glass for gazing at cars and trying on shoes, but you will always be my little girl. Happy birthday, sweetheart.