Birthday Wishes for Twins

Happy Birthday you two! It’s so fun having the two of you in my life!

The world did us a favor by giving us two of you. Although you are each unique, you share the same wonderful qualities that only twins share. Here’s wishing you both a wonderful time on your birthday.

You may have worn the same outfits when you were growing up, but you are both unique, singular, and wonderful. I’m glad you’re in my life. Happy birthday.

Happy happy. Birthday birthday. To both of you. I think I’m seeing double. And how lucky is that? Have a great one.

How do you say happy birthday to twins? Happy Happy Birthday Birthday. I love you both!

Twins are like winning the lottery. There’s double the goodness and double the fun. I’m so proud of you both. Happy birthday.

I’d send you a two dollar bill but they don’t make them anymore. I’d send you a two-pence but we’re not in England. So here’s my two cents worth: Have a happy birthday!

Even though there are two of you, there’s only one birthday. Here’s hoping you go out on the town and confuse people tonight. Have fun!

Twins, do you say happy birthday to each other? Or if you look in the mirror and say happy birthday is it like saying it to your twin? Enquiring minds want to know. But mostly they want to wish you a happy birthday.

Wait! I’m seeing double birthday wishes. I hope you two have a double-good time on your birthday. Have fun!

It’s your birthday, twins. Does this mean you want a cake that’s half chocolate and half vanilla? How about we split the difference and go for strawberry? No matter what kind of cake you get, have a great birthday. And save me a piece.

Twins, here’s wishing you a double-fine day. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my favorite set of twins. The only thing better than having one of you in my life is having both of you. Have a great one!

Since you’re twins does that mean you have to share birthday gifts? I guess it does, since you’re sharing this birthday card! Have fun today!

You two! Is it your birthday again? Do you get to have two birthdays a year or has this year just flown? I hope you have a great time celebrating.