Birthday Wishes for Uncle from Nephew

A good example, a teacher, and a friend—today I celebrate everything you are to me. Happy birthday, Uncle.

Happy birthday to a man who is much more than my mother’s brother, father’s brother-in-law, and the son of my grandparents. Today, I honor what you are to me personally: the best uncle I could ask for.

When I’ve needed instruction, you have been there to guide my hand and show be a better way. When I’ve needed advice, you have generously offered wisdom acquired over the years of your own life. When I’ve needed a friend, you have been one of the best ones I’ve ever known. Happy birthday to an uncle who has always fulfilled so many important roles in my life.

Some guys know their uncles only from a distance. An uncle is, to them, only a parent’s sibling, someone seen on major holidays. I am fortunate to have the sort of uncle who is a regular presence in my life, allowing me to benefit from his wisdom, his humor, his good example, and, most of all, his friendship. Happy birthday, Uncle. Thank you for being part of my life.

From taking me fishing to cheering me on (and, let’s be honest, claiming credit for me) when I played ball, you have always been there as a second father and substitute big brother for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better uncle. Happy birthday.

What “uncle” means is different for everyone. For many of my friends, that word refers to a man they respect from a distance or whose company they only get to enjoy when the family gathers for Christmas. To me, “uncle” means a year-round friend, someone who has earned my respect but also knows how to kick back and be my buddy. Happy birthday to the man who has made “uncle” such an important word in my vocabulary.

Uncle, I don’t often find myself jealous of my dad, but I’m envious he had the opportunity to grow up with you as his brother. Even so, as you have taken adventures with me, taught me how to throw the perfect pitch, and offered advice on everything from girls to grilling burgers, you have allowed me to experience the benefits of having a big brother. Happy birthday to an uncle who is truly like a brother to me.