Funny Birthday Wishes 25 year old Man

To your birth, we raise a glass.
For your birth, let’s celebrate with class.
Maybe we’ll save that for another year,
and this time, let’s have some beer.

In 75 years, you’ll be a century,
and then, I’ll tell you what you meant to me.
For now, though, let’s celebrate and live life.
This is a birthday wish from your wife.

Back in college, we wondered how we would make it as adults.
This inquiry was as confusing as much of the occult.
Here we are in our mid twenties on your 25th birthday,
still partying in that same old lighthearted way.

When you’re an old man, I’ll tell you what you mean to me.
Oh wait! That’s now; you’re a quarter of a century.

Turning 25 is quite a treat.
You’ve had plenty of intriguing people to meet.
When you go out to celebrate tonight with me,
Remember, you are now a quarter of a century.

Some say that 25 brings a quarter-life crisis to the soul,
but you can defend it if you don’t think you’re growing old.
When the hands of time come around again,
you’ll still always have me as your buddy and friend.

Happy 25
to my old guy!

Somewhere beneath the sands of time
I came up with this muddled rhyme.
Some say that birthday poems should be sweet and cheery,
but that’s not what awaits for you, deary.
You’ve made it through 25 years of life,
and you’ve even taken me as your wife.
On this day of your birthday celebration,
let me to this poem make an emendation.
As the cake candles grow warm from the cold,
let me remind you that you are quite old.

Today, you turn 25 years old.
I remember a time when you were quite bold.
I remember a time when you made goofy mistakes.
I remember a time when you a jester could make.
While we have grown older, and responsibilities have appeared,
I couldn’t help but think of the past when your birthday neared.
You still carry that same clownish laugh and brave heart;
I’ll raise my glass to that and do my part!

Happy birthday to a guy
who to his face deserves a big birthday pie!

Just a few years ago, our birthday celebrations were not quite the same.
In fact, we could not really say that they were tame.
However, now that you’ve grown old and weary,
we’ll have to find new ways of being cheery.

The number 25 represents a big year,
and it should be filled with plenty of cheer.
So now that your birthday celebration is finally here,
let’s toast and have some cold beer!

I’ve always called you brother and friend,
and I promise I’ll be by your side until the end.
Now that you’re 25 years old today,
that end might be sooner than we ever thought some say.

Happy 25
to a guy
who is full of life
and full of wine.