Funny Birthday Wishes for 40 year old Woman

On your 40th birthday, it’s time to throw out the wrinkle cream.
Your laugh lines are gorgeous. They don’t make me scream.

You’re 40 today.
You might fret o’er your gray.
Complaining is fine.
We all like vintage whine.

Some things get better with time—
things like full-bodied cheese and fine wine.
As you’ve aged, your temperament has become better gaged.
Happy birthday to a woman who is well aged.

You’ve reached the top of the hill,
which means the rest of your life will
be easier for a rolling stone
with arthritis in her bones.

Happy 40th birthday
to a woman who’s great
in every way.

Today you turn 40. That much is true.
Whether you’re old or you’re young—
frankly, that’s up to you.
Age is a number, youth is all attitude.
Go, enjoy your birthday, whatever you do.

You’re not as old as you think you are.
Unless, you think you’re 40.
In that case, take time to consult with the stars.
At you’re age you still can be fabulous and sporty.

Things could be worse.
Forty isn’t a curse.
You’ve not gone too gray,
and today’s your birthday.
So celebrate now
before you forget how.
Raise a glass in the air
like you don’t have a care.

Forty is an awesome age.
Today, you get to turn the page.
Your life’s exciting, if not new.
Although you’ve grown old, I’m glad you’re you.

Happy birthday to a woman who’s 40.
All though you’ve gone gray,
you’re independent and sporty.
Take time today to enjoy the view.
Before you roll down the hill,
just enjoy being you.

You know I’m polite,
never tease you about your height.
When you clear a full plate,
I don’t comment about your weight.
But today’s kind of special
and could be somewhat stressful.
So I’ll ask you, “Hey, Shorty,
How’s it feel to be forty?”

You entered the world
naked and crying.
Today, on your birthday,
you shouldn’t be shying
away from things you want
to do before dying.

Although wine improves with age,
it doesn’t take a sage
to know age won’t improve your whine.
That’s why it’s time
To blow out your candles and make a wish
for this year’s bliss.

Happy 40th birthday to a woman who’s great.
You’re charming, successful, lovely and kind.
You’ve got qualities I don’t want to understate.

Although you’re now older, you have a great mind.
You remember most things. I think that’s a good trait.
Although you wear glasses now, you are not quite blind.

As you grow older, you might gain some weight,
but today is the time to put worries behind
you. Load up your plate and celebrate.

When you turn 40, there’s no need
to mourn your youth or to age concede.

When you turn 40, you’ll still look great.
Although you’ll color your hair—but I can relate.

When you turn 40, you’ll still be the star.
No other woman is as fine as you are.