79th Birthday Wishes

One more year and you will be old at 80.
Do not worry, you look fresh as a baby.
Our days without you would seem cold and rainy.
Thank you for the constant support when times get too crazy.

It has been a privilege to be able to call my mom my best friend.
We are much older now, but our fun times have not come to an end.
You’re 79 years young today, and I consider that a great accomplishment.
When people say I am just like you, I take that as a compliment.

I hope that my son looks up to me the way I see you, Dad.
You’re always there to give advice no matter what problems I’ve had.
I don’t know where the time went, but now you are 79.
We’re old men now, so let’s relax with a glass of wine.

My little sister is turning 79 years old.
It’s no big deal, I’ve already forgotten that age.
I tend to forget most things these days.
However, I could never forget how much I love my sweet baby sister.

The tables have turned now that I get to watch over my big brother.
You used to teach me everything and stick up for me against our mother.
It’s nice to be the youngest now that you’re all old and senile.
79 seems to be the golden age of rebellion and denial.

Some people at 79 are lucky enough to be the fun old grandfather.
You spoil my kids and then send them home to holler.
I really don’t mind because they think you’re so amazing.
Every time I hear your name, it’s always some type of praising.

As our grandma, you rule as the head of the family.
No matter what some people say, you’ve still got a grasp on your sanity.
Any of us would do anything to make you laugh and smile.
Enjoy your 79th birthday and please stick around a while.

In this world, the only thing more valuable than money is friendship.
No amount of money would be worth loosening our grip.
Thank you for holding me up and being there through everything.
Have a lively 79th birthday party so that we can sing.

I’d be willing to bet you’ve seen some things in your life.
79 years is a really long time to experience happiness and strife.
You’re a true friend, and I love hearing a good story.
The way you tell them is full of proud glory.

Birthdays are the best time to express admiration, adoration, and love.
You convey such a balance of humor and intellect in the way you speak.
You’ve always been great to me, love a guardian sent from above.
I will do everything I can to make your 79th birthday unique.

I do not understand why you are worried about turning 79.
A beauty like yours is eternal and divine.
If I had to pick a favorite person in the world, you would be mine.
Spend each day full of sweet laughter because everything is going to be fine.