Funny Birthday Wishes 55 Year Old Man

Another year has come and gone so very fast
It makes me stop to think about our past
You are getting older and your hair is getting gray
I think you’ve gotten even slower than you were back in the day
Even though you might be feeling every pain and ache
Have a happy 55th birthday; don’t forget to eat your cake!

We have known each other for so long now
That I wonder if we even remember how
We met each other so many years ago
Where in the world did all of those years go?
I remember when we were young, athletic, and spry
There was nothing we wouldn’t try
It seems like the older we get, the better we are
Or maybe someone is just lowering the bar
Either way, I hope you have a great 55th birthday
Spent celebrating in a fun and festive way

Happy 55th birthday, man, you still have so much going for you
You still have most of your hair and some of your teeth, too
You are aging well in spite of what the mirror may say
Hold your head up high as you celebrate anyway

Here we are celebrating your 55th birthday
And I have many wishes to send your way
I wish you good health, so you can keep up with your wife and friends
I wish you good fortune that keeps coming and never ends

What do you even wish for on your 55th birthday?
Man, you’re getting so old that I have to say
The only things left that you could possibly need still
Are dentures, a sturdy cane, and a soft meal
I’m kidding, buddy; you are such a good friend
I hope our friendship never ends

You have celebrated your past birthday in so many ways
That I wonder what you can possibly do this year to celebrate your special day
I’m running out of birthday wishes to send your way
So happy 55th birthday, man, enjoy your big day

As you turn 55 years old, what are you wishing for?
Fast cars, sunny beaches, or even more?
The truth is you’re getting older now, so your wishes might not be the same
Think of new dentures, hearing aids, or a brand new cane
When you lean over to blow out your candle this year
Think of me; I’m always me younger than you, my dear

Happy 55th birthday to the best guy I know
But I have to tell you, your age is starting to show
You can call those wrinkles laugh lines, but we both know that isn’t true
Your receding hair line can’t be covered with a comb over or two
You’re slowing down a little bit and not running as fast
Just know that no matter what happens, this friendship will last

I could joke with you on your 55th birthday
And laugh about how you are aging in your own special way
I could pick on you about your soft middle or your wrinkly face
But the truth of the matter is I’m not far behind you in life’s race
Whatever I dish out to you on this special birthday
Would simply come back to haunt me in some horrible way