70th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Seventy years has gone by so fast;
We’ve shared so many highs and lows;
Having you as a brother has been such a blessing,
More than anyone knows.

The bond we share is strong and true;
No one could ever break it.
I hope this day is a joy for you,
And that you get to relax a bit.

This birthday wish is filled with love,
Best wishes and good cheer;
That you may know you’re thought of often
All throughout the year!

Having a brother like you throughout the years
To support and guide me along
Has helped me see how much you care
And that your love for me is strong.

I’ve looked to you for wisdom and guidance
All throughout my life.
You’ve dropped whatever you were doing
To help me through my strife.

No words can express how much it’s meant
To have a brother like you.
I hope your 70th birthday is blessed
And that all of your dreams come true.

You’ve made it through another year;
You’ve tackled whatever obstacles were thrown your way;
You’ve demonstrated courage in the face of fear;
You’ve lived to see another day.

The struggles you have been through;
The joys you have celebrated;
Have helped you to get to
The place you are today.

Seventy years of memories to look back on;
A lifetime of success.
On this day I wish for you
Nothing but the best!

Happy Birthday, Brother!

A brother is a special friend;
The bond between siblings runs deep.
We love each other to the end;
A love like ours is one to keep.

Growing up together was so much fun;
We really had a ball.
Seventy years, yet you live each day like life has just begun;
I promise I’ll be there with you to experience it all.

On your birthday I hope you know
How much you mean to me.
It’s truly been a pleasure watching you grow;
I wish you blessings as far as the eye can see!

Ten bear hugs,
Twenty cheek kisses,
Thirty pats on the back,
Forty best wishes,
Fifty high fives,
Sixty thumbs up,
Seventy prayers for another decade of health, happiness, and love.

Your life has been blessed,
This much is true.
I wish for you nothing but the best,
On your birthday and all the year through.

Happy Birthday to the best brother in the world!

It feels like just yesterday
We were playing outside.
When Mom called us in for dinner,
We’d try to run and hide.

We’ve been there for each other
Through many of life’s biggest moments.
I couldn’t ask for a nicer brother,
The fact that we’ve become best friends is an added bonus.

You deserve a birthday that is filled with everything that you love,
Because you have truly been the greatest brother, a blessing from above.

Another year wiser,
A few more wrinkles around the eye,
A soul that shines brighter
Than any star in the sky.

A brother that has been there
For me through thick and thin.
Always there to give a hug
Or brighten my face with a grin.

Happy Birthday to my brother, the best man I know.