Funny Birthday Wishes for 60 year old Woman

I hope the years to come bring you fabulous capers,
Amazing music and quiet neighbors,
Magnificent food and sultry nights,
The cutest clothes that fit just right!
I hope you never feel stuck in a 60-year rut,
And most of all, I hope your birthday kicks butt!

As you look back now on adventures of youth,
All your naughty misdeeds and actions uncouth,
Hope you know that your age hasn’t lessened endurance,
It’s only provided you better insurance!
Have a crazy birthday!

Maybe now you prefer staying in with some wine,
And your taste in cute dresses includes raised bust lines,
And, for you, “late at night” is considered ten-thirty,
And you’d rather seem witty than mindless and flirty,
You should never consider yourself boring, you’re not!
Everyone knows you make 60 look hot!

Back in the day we were careless and free,
Never taking ourselves all that seriously,
‘Cause all we were after was time in the sun,
Surrounded by friends having hours of fun,
And we lived our lives fully, though they sometimes seemed strange,
And now, looking back, I see not much has changed!
Have an amazing 60th birthday!

May the best days to come be ahead of you,
May your heart stay bold and your friendships true,
May you see the world fresh and vibrant and new,
And know good booze works for old people, too!

Sixty years ago today
An amazing woman came our way
And though her hair’s all turned to gray
She still kicks ass on her birthday!

If you happen to look in the mirror today,
Wish all those lines would just go away,
And think about dyeing those grey locks,
Or consider paying money for good botox,
Just remember those wrinkles are trophies, hon,
And you have earned each and every one!

On this, your big milestone birthday,
There’s something I just have to say,
‘Cause though you’ve grown a little older,
Girl, you sure make 60 smolder!

May all your years add up to this
One giant, sixtieth birthday wish:
Though you’re no longer a flower child,
I hope you’re birthday party’s wild!

When we were young we always said,
“Anything over thirty’s dead!”
And when we passed that year with flair,
We cried, “Anyone over forty’s square!”
Soon, too, we passed that big milestone
And shouted, “Let’s embrace the crone!”
And now that sixty’s come in sight,
Let me be first to get this right
And say what might come as a shock,
But sixty’s really gonna’ rock!

The world has really changed in form
Over sixty years, what’s now the norm
Is rock and roll and improved beer,
Better coffee, cooler gear,
Wearing jeans to work and school
(Next to nothing in the pool),
Travelling around the globe,
Piercing more than your earlobe,
Putting people on the moon,
And we all know the word “commune,”
“Far out,” “Free Love,” “Vegetarian”…
That’s why they call us “sexy-genarians”!
Happy Birthday!