68th Birthday Wishes

You’re 68? Did I miscalculate? 68 is great! Celebrate, rejuvenate and create this year anew. We can never overestimate how great life becomes with wisdom and age. At 68, you become an experienced sage and, although 68 puts on a great show, 69 turns you into a fine wine. Celebrate your year 68 but save some room for drinking from a life so fine at 69.

You’re 68? I think that’s great. A full life is a treasure of time no one could underestimate. 68 is truly great. Don’t forget to run and play this special day. We stay young with play. Nurture a heart which remains a part of eternal youth. Celebrate the blessing of time to make us wise. I wish you new wisdom and a young heart on this new day marking a new year.

68 and life is great. It’s never too late to do all those things you wanted to do. Climb another mountain and sail another sea. Stop to smell the flowers, then paint your masterpiece. By land, by sea, I send this wish and I believe. I believe in you. Happy birthday. Another great day rises to meet you after 68 beautiful years awake and learning how to be great

68 years strong and look at you: still you and still true. As you celebrate your sweet 68, take some time to celebrate you and all you do. Stay true.

One, two, three, four, five, six… sixty-eight. As you celebrate your 68 years of family, friends, love and joy with a full heart, I celebrate apart with a full of heart too. I celebrate you.

68? It’s never too late for a Caribbean escape with a blind date, or a new surfboard or a new skateboard, new lovers or new friends. 68? Celebrate 68. Life is great so fill your plate.

68? How great! Celebrate life and love 68 years long. 68 birthdays. 68 cakes. 68? That’s great!

Wishing you a happy 68th birthday. The golden years life promises, from tears and blessed time, reveals new beauty and few days are more precious.

Celebrating all that is great about you, today, on your 68th birthday with a message from me to you. I want to say, be proud of your grace, your age, your year 68.

I wish you a great year 68. To another year, another great 68. I wish you a full plate of cake and new memories to sweeten the year.

Cherished memories and new days meet to make this year – year 68 – the greatest to date.

Happy 68th! May the smile in your heart make this is a great 68. I wish you love, family, friends and cake to make the start of this great 68 a sweet one.

Times make us ripe for change, to rearrange and to celebrate memories held dear year after year. At 68, contemplate the gold of your memories and the mystery of unwritten history in the golden years ahead. Happy birthday, you are loved.