Funny Birthday Wishes to 65 year old Man

Wishing you a happy 65
You’re still a wonderful guy
Although I have to be fair
You have got thinning hair
And it’s true you can pinch
Much more than an inch
But besides all of this
I’m still going to wish
You a wonderful birthday

Your eyesight is fading
Your memory may fail
But your sense of humor
Never is stale
Pudgy around the middle
You have to admit
But losing your style
Hasn’t happened one bit
Happy 65th I can now state
To a man who’s truly great

To a man who’s reached age 65
It’s a great time to be alive
You’re now collecting Medicare
You’re quickly losing all your hair
Nothing much left to say
But happy birthday anyway

Some say that 65 is a long time to be around
That you don’t have the energy to hit the town
They say you can’t stay up late and have some fun
That before nine o’clock your evening is done
But I say for an old guy you look as fine as can be
Happy 65th birthday wishes to you from me

There are some things you can no longer do
You’ll just have to accept it, this is true
But you’re a man with style, more than the rest
Here’s hoping your 65th birthday is the best

Come on, let’s go out and celebrate
Even if I have to get you home by eight
Lots of crazy fun you and I will make
Even if all your candles melt the cake
We’ll have a great time, we won’t stop
Let’s celebrate your 65th, ready or not

So your pants are baggy, your body is saggy
And your face is getting a little bit craggy
Don’t be alarmed, everything will be fine
You’re just man who’s a victim of time
65 years have come and gone it’s true
So many happy birthday wishes to you

Just forget about exercising and all that crazy stuff
Getting up from the sofa now and then is activity enough
Men don’t need to diet, so eat lots of sugar and salt
You can blame it on me, you can say it is all my fault
Happy 65th birthday to someone who should stay the same
And many more to a man who’s still on top of his game

You’re 65 years old, tell me it just isn’t true
No other man your age looks half as good as you
Though you may sometimes seem feeble in mind
Though you may occasionally lose track of time
65 years old is really a great place to be
So happy birthday old man, to you from me

Sometimes you may experience confusion
But I’ve finally come to this conclusion
At 65 you’re a man who gets better each day
Wishes for a great birthday I send your way

Now you have to take a few more pills
Listen to jokes about being over the hill
On your face you may have a few new wrinkles
But in your eyes I still see that twinkle
Time marches on, this we all must understand
Happy 65th birthday to a wonderful man