Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

You’re talented, funny and awfully sweet.
Your sense of humor is a little offbeat.

I love the time we spend together,
in bright sunshine or stormy weather.

Of all the people I know today,
you most deserve a happy birthday!

You look pretty in pink.
You’re complexion’s great,
and you’re fun to date,
but best of all, your feet don’t stink.

Your birthday’s come, and I have to say,
“I hope you have a fabulous day!”

I’ll love you tomorrow
like I love you today.
I’ll love you even
when it’s not your birthday!

Sometimes you feel like a nut.
Sometimes you look like I don’t know what.
Sometimes you need a kick in the butt.

Sometimes you’re happy.
Sometimes you’re just sappy.
Sometimes your hair gets all dry and nappy.

No matter what comes your way
on this or any other day,
remember you can always say

that I’m your friend.
Happy birthday.

Fine wine and aging cheese,
like all good things should come in threes.
Today you’ve joined these fine companions.
Getting older is great for a few rare champions.

Today’s your birthday.
I hope it’s not crappy.
Since you’re so sweet
I hope your day’s happy.

A young woman peers back at you from the frame.
Fresh-faced, she’s eager for a new day to tame.

You pause a moment and bring your face nearer
only to realize this isn’t the mirror.

With your glasses on, look again at the wall.
You realize you don’t look like her much at all.

But still you are breathing, though you’re starting to gray.
Smile at your reflection. Tell it, “Happy birthday!”

A three alarm fire is no birthday treat,
so take care today not to turn up the heat
when you light all the candles on your festive cake
and close your eyes, your wishes to make.

Today’s your birthday. It’s time to dance,
but when you go out, don’t wear those hot pants.
Your body is sagging, age is starting to show.
Although it’s your birthday, certain things just won’t go.
Of course, you should smile anyway
because you woke up above ground today.

Celebrate your day!
Dance and sing
in your own special way.

But if you want to live to see one more year,
do your caterwauling in the shower
instead of outside where your neighbors can hear.

Birthday shopping
is the thing
that makes a woman’s
heart start to sing.

Today is your birthday,
so I hope you’re not sad
that I already spent
all the money I had.

On your birthday, I won’t give you a pinch,
not even to make you grow an inch.
A woman like you deserves hugs and kisses
and plenty of big happy birthday wishes.

They say blondes have all the fun.
This year on your birthday, I think, hon,
you should bleach your hair and find out
what birthday fun is all about.