Birthday Wishes for Lover

One your birthday, my dearest lover
I want you to remember that our friendship
Lasts much longer than any other.

You are my rock and shield,
The staff and sword that protects me
And never yields.

Thank you for being at my side,
For I loved being
More than just your bride.

On your birthday, my dear lover
I want you to feel wonderful.

There is nothing better than being with you
And knowing that you have no other.

Thank you for being at my side in life
Because I do not know anyone more true.

My sweet lover, your birthday is here,
And I want you to remember that you are so dear.

I could not have chosen a better person to stay,
To love and laugh and play.

You have brought so much light to life
That I hope your birthday is nothing but light.

My dear lover, this is your special day,
And I want you to have a spectacular birthday.

I have dreamed about celebrating with you
And giving you your due.

Thank you for being in my life,
For giving me this time
Because I have loved sharing with you
My most special times.

On your birthday, dear lover I pray
That you feel this day
Is more than just play.

I want to hold your heart tender
And show you the love you give me in splendor.

I have dreamt of giving you this day
Because I promise I will always stay.

The best lover in the world you are,
And I searched for you near and far.

You are a friend so true,
And you comfort in times that are blue.

I never knew that someone could mean so much
Until I felt your loving touch.

Thank you for your life and love,
I promise to protect it, always, my love.

The most beautiful person in the world
We celebrate your birthday today.

I could not find the right words to show you
How much you have meant to me, how true.

Rather than stop here, I have to say
That you change my life every single day.

I have longed for someone like you, my love,
And now you are here with me.

I never know that someone in the world
Could bring me all this glee.

Thank you for being who you are.
I know that you mean every word,
And I treasure them as I
Show you all the love I learned.

My dear lover, your birthday is finally here.
I am hoping that you feel how I hold you dear.
There is nothing greater in this world
Than my love for you,
But I need you to remember
That I you are so true.

Your love has changed my world,
And I hope that you see
That love unfurled
In words with deep meaning
Because of this heart that you have beating.

My dear lover, on this day
I remember our love, our life, our play.
Thank you for being with me,
For sharing one more year and giving me
More than I deserve.