Funny Birthday Wishes for Pilots

It’s not fair how your traverse the air without a care while they just stare, but at least you share with a discounted fare. I should have lied, but I must confide that I just said Happy Birthday for a free plane ride.

You have become so wise with every time you take to the skies.

With everything that the clouds bring, you must be proud you got your pilot wings. Now you work where heaven sings, and all we have for you are earthly things. Hopefully these birthday presents are enough to show our wonder, and give thanks for how you’ve kept our plans from being torn asunder.

Happy birthday, you sacred traveler! Thank you for being our great journey unraveler.

I know you often get coarse sitting alone in that concourse, so we all want to give you a positive reminder that you are our path’s holy diviner.

I saw you in the food court at the same old airport, and I wanted to give you a birthday cake; however, the only thing I could find was steak. At least it will absorb all the alcohol. In fact, I think it might just save us all!

It’s your birthday, but don’t get too crazy! There is fog and the skies are hazy. You know what wouldn’t be fun: Ending up like Malaysia Flight 341.

The great legacy of a pilot is just like Pontius Pilate, and no one can defile it. You turn every mile into gold, and all the while growing old. You wear the age well, no one can tell how many years its been. Do you remember what city we’re in?

Remember, it’s easy to throw a party in the cockpit. Just find the security key and lock it. Then, just rock it!

Why does it have to be that you’re the only one that defies gravity? You get higher than we’ll ever be, thanks for freeing the frequent flier in me! Enjoy the raucous celebrations! It’s not turbulence, just congratulations!

Is it true that you rifle through passenger luggage just to get your hands on their gold nuggets? Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. Here’s all the gold you could ever hope for!

Hopefully, we will see you later after you finish your birthday flight simulator. The computer copilot is a fool, so please take that robot back to school. Afterwards, the drinks are on us, come on and join our omnibus!

There is everything to gain from controlling an airplane, so never refrain until you’re forced to abstain!

Even if you’re not Sully, you picked a profession to live life fully. For that, we would never bully as that would be simply unholy. Congrats on another year, and may you forever remember how to steer.

The way you live aerial means we will never plan your burial. You belong to the clouds, and may you never come back down. We have all resigned to your fate down here on earth, but that cannot stop us from applauding your birth.