Funny Birthday Wishes for Uncle

You, dear uncle, are like a happy mushroom.
Whether or not you wear a costume,
you really are a fun guy.
You know on your birthday I just couldn’t lie.

Shuffleboard and shuffling feet,
both for a man who once danced to the beat.
Dear aging uncle, I still care,
and I’m glad to see you getting old with such flair.

Happy birthday to the uncle who
never thought he would become
a monkey’s uncle. But it’s true—
Have you seen my latest school photo?
Aren’t you glad I look so much like you?

“Happy birthday!” I say to an uncle so cool.
Have fun today. Go ahead, act the fool.
I know your secret that makes aging a breeze—
You age like fine wine, but you’re just a big cheese.

Uncle, you’re handsome and funny and smart.
You’re brimming with talent and have a good heart.
Today is your birthday,
and I’m happy to say,
“Although I’m a lot like you, you had a head start.”

Funny faces,
going places,
eating ice cream,
coaching the team—

Uncle, we’ve had so much fun.
Today, on your birthday,
crack open a cold one.

I’ll be toasting you
until this day’s through.

Uncle, you’re handsome, intelligent, kind.
You’re sporty and talented and have a good mind.
When life starts to get tough, you get tough right back.
No challenge is too hard, you always give it your best crack.

Today is your day, so pour a cold beer.
Then raise up your glass and let out a loud cheer.

It’s your birthday, uncle, dear.
Enjoy yourself. Have a few beers.
When you light all those candles on your birthday cake,
blow them all out, for goodness’ sake.

On your birthday, you could take a walk in the park,
play a few rounds of golf or stay out way past dark.

Whatever you do, my uncle and friend,
toast your life. You know this isn’t the end.
You’ve grown old and gray but lived ‘til today.
I imagine you’ll live to see plenty more play.

Uncle, it’s your birthday.
Hip, hip, hooray!
Let’s celebrate everything
about your life today.

You’re an old man, uncle.
It’s time to face facts.
The years keep on rolling.
Accept it. Relax.
Today on your birthday,
just kick back, eat some snacks.

Some uncles like brandy or whisky or rum.
Some uncles are cool and will be your best chum.
Some uncles are skinny. Some uncles are fat.
Some uncles spin tales ‘cause they like to chat.
Some uncles work hard and some like to play,
but there’s no uncle like you. Have a happy birthday!

Everyone has a favorite uncle these days.
This is your favorite niece wishing you a happy birthday.

Happy birthday, dear uncle,
another year’s through.
Today, you can give thanks
that at least one nephew
has the good looks and brains
that I got from you.