Birthday Wishes for Insurance Client

Happy birthday to a friend and client. I am so pleased to be a part of your family’s financial plan and I look forward to being a part of it for many birthdays to come.

My client, my friend, my neighbor. Here’s to another great year of doing business together.

Happy birthday from your friendly insurance team. We are here, in the background, cheering your birthday and hoping for many returns for you.


As you reflect on the past year, take a moment consider your needs going into the future. Let me know how I can help with any change in your financial security needs. Happy birthday.

The years come and go, but our handshake is still firm. I’m so glad you are my friend and client and I wish you the very best on your birthday.

Congratulations on another year of great planning. I am here for all your insurance needs. Here’s a $50 gift certificate in appreciation of many years of doing business together.

When the festivities are over, give me a call to discuss your insurance needs. I look forward to sending you this same greeting next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.

Happy birthday to a wonderful person and great family man. Your insurance planning will make sure your family is protected for many birthdays to come.

You’ve earned this time. Celebrate it. Embrace it. You’ve planned well, and your family’s financial security is safe. I’m glad to be a part of it. Happy birthday.

As you celebrate the passing of another year, I hope you are pleased with your financial and insurance plans. If you want to talk about any changes just pick up the phone. Happy birthday to a valued client and friend.

Birthdays come and go, but great business relationships last a lifetime. I’m pleased to be a part of yours. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday celebration.


On this, your special day, take a minute to think about your family’s future. Let me know if anything has changed, or if you’d like to talk about life insurance for other members of your family. Have a great birthday.


Happy birthday. Here’s a token of our appreciation for your business through the years: We’ve taken $10 off your monthly premium for the next six months. Have a toast on me!