Thanks for Birthday Wishes

This little message brings good cheer
To brighten up your day,
Just as you brought joy to mine,
Sending birthday wishes my way!

How good it was to get your wish, how wonderful it felt!
You always have the perfect words to cause my heart to melt.
May all the love you give to me return to you tenfold
Today, this week, this month, this year, and till we both grow old!

I love receiving birthday wishes, and many came my way.
But best of all was seeing yours; it really made my day.
Our sweet friendship throughout the years has meant so much to me.
May all your wishes come true for you, as I’m sure they will for me.

Your wishes so kind
I knew I would find.
Birthday greetings so sweet
Were a genuine treat.

Thank you, my friend,
True to the end.
Though we’re apart,
You are in my heart.

The birthday wishes you sent to me to wish me “Happy Day”
Were more welcome than you imagine; a joy in every way.
My day indeed was truly blessed, even though we are apart.
Thanks to you for bringing love and gladness to my heart.

My birthday came again this year;
I wanted to forget!
But you remembered and sent good cheer;
How can I be upset?

You remembered my birthday! How lovely you are to wish me a happy day.
Your greeting brought joy and a smile to my face and melted the miles away.
Now it’s my turn to send you a wish, and here is mine for you:
May laughter and love and success be yours today and all the year through!

Another year, another birthday, another greeting from you —
Always so sweet, each one a treat, a wish from a friend so true.
Your heartfelt good wishes are perfectly chosen and fill my heart with glee.
I hope your day is wonderful too! You mean the world to me.

A birthday is not always fun;
Sometimes I’d rather have none.
But with wishes from you,
I can’t be so blue;
You make me feel that I’ve won!

Your birthday wishes arrived just in time to make my day a delight.
I wish you could be here to see how your words made everything all right.
Now I hope that this “thank you” greeting can do the same thing for you,
Brightening your day in every way and refreshing your heart anew.

You are thoughtful; I am touched
That you would think of me.
Your birthday greeting made my day.
Blessed may you be!

Thank you for all that you are and you do
And for being a friend so dear.
Your birthday greeting was just the right thing
To celebrate another year.

I’m so lucky you’re my friend; I’m grateful every day.
You never fail to make me laugh when I’m feeling gloomy and gray.
Your birthday wish arrived this year and chased the clouds away;
Now I hope this “thank you” also brightens up your day!