Cute Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy birthday sweetheart may your day be as bright as the sun and the moon and the stars in the night.

My darling is changing, she’s gained another year, but what will never change is my affection for you dear.

Happy birthday to the cutest girl in town. You’re amazing and wonderful your beauty just abounds.

You’re pretty and gorgeous. You’re talented and wise. It’s your birthday honey. Oh did I forget mention your eyes?

My heart belongs to you. I give it freely. Happy birthday angel. Today the whole worlds singing.

I have a secret, I’ve been hiding it for a while. But since it’s your birthday I hope it makes you smile. I love you.

Hey there baby I saw you from across the room, I couldn’t help but notice your eyes shown like the moon. Your smile shone like a sunset and I couldn’t help but swoon. Happy birthday from your love.

You have a secret admirer wishing you a happy birthday. He won’t tell you his name. This secret is you’ve been dating him, and his life you’ve changed.

Swans are lovely, candy are sweet. But my girlfriend? Nothing can compete. Happy birthday.

You’re like a flower you blossom and your grow. Avid each unfolding year reveals an even brighter glow. Happy birthday.

You’re beautiful, you’re flawless, you’re everything in my dreams. Now today’s your birthday congratulations my queen!

Years have passed and still you are, as beautiful as any star. And still you know that I am yours. Happy birthday my darling girl!

Hey there cutie can’t you see all the joy you bring to me? Now it’s my turn to show you, all that your wonder can do. Happy birthday baby!

You’re kisses are sweet I hope I keep them awhile. It’s your birthday sweetie so smile!

You hug me you kiss me you make me feel grand, now it’s your birthday I’ve got it all planned. I’ll hug you I’ll kiss you I’ll make sure it’s fun. Happy birthday darling you’re the one.

You can sing you can shout you can laugh dance and fly. It’s your birthday baby I’m just happy to be along for the ride.

It’s your world honey, to take it or leave, I’ll be with you whatever you choose please believe. As you’re one year older, and your beauty grows, know that I’ll hold you till both of us are old.

Darling it’s your birthday yes you know it’s true. Darling I love you happy birthday to my boo.

Happy birthday honey. Happy birthday star. Wherever I may go, home is where you are.

I’d wrap you up to oceans, I’d wrap you up the sky. Every ship deserve to sail, every sun deserves to shine. Happy birthday my dear.

One day you’ll notice, one day you’ll see, all the beauty you hold so freely. But until then, until that day, you’ll never have to go without hearing me say, ” you’re beautiful.” Oh, happy birthday!

Happy birthday my love, happy birthday my sweet. Celebrating you for me is a treat.