10th Birthday Wishes

10 year old, 10 year old
This is a birthday where you should be bold.
You have reached double digits now
And this means you have the chance to show how
You have learned to be big
Because you’re more than a kid.
You’re 10!

Being ten years old can be hard,
But there’s no reason to be down
Because we don’t want you to have a frown.
Hitting the double digits is cool
Because now you’re the big kid at school.
Don’t ever forget how far you’ve come
Because you’re so special, and the race is already won.

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you
Have fun being ten years old.
Happy birthday to you.

This is a little song for you,
sweet ten year old
On a birthday so true.

You’re finally growing up,
But it won’t be long
Before you’ll need a whole other song.

Sometimes people don’t realize
How fun ten is in your eyes.
All they know is they were ten once,
And they can’t make anything of all the fuss.

We know for sure
That ten will be the cure
Because now you’re growing
And a fine person worth knowing.

Ten years old is much more than nine
But I think you know that eleven
would be crossing the line.
You are a pretty cool person to know
When other don’t make it to the show.
You’ve arrived at ten,
And I hope you enjoy how you’ve been.

One thing you need to know
Is that your birthdays never stop
As you grow.

You’re ten years old today
But you are more than that
In every way.

Find something to do
That will help to remind
You not to be blue.

Happy birthday,
Dear kid
There is not more to say.

Times are changing when I see you’re ten.
I wonder where the time has been.
You have been such a good friend,
And I hope you never have to pretend
Because you are the coolest person to know
And I hope to keep seeing you grow.

I remember thinking about your birthday this year,
And it filled with incredible cheer.
Being ten years old is a big thing,
But I promise not to make you sing.

All you have to do is your very best
Because one day there will come a test,
But today you get to be playful
Because you’re someone so wonderful.

I thought about what to say
On this your special birthday.
I thought long and hard to know
All the things I should say as you grow,
But then I remembered the right words
To tell you as your life unfurls.
Make the best of today
Because tomorrow is only a minute away.

Ten year old, ten year old,
What do you know.
This is the day of your birthday,
Your very own show.

I hope this day for you is grand,
Like making a castle in the sand.
Have fun and play all through the time
Because one day ten will feel sublime.