9th Birthday Wishes

9-year old, 9-year old,
You are getting so bold.
You are getting so tall
So old.
Have the very best day you can
Because that is all part of our plan.
We love you so very much,
And we hope that you have
Presents, food, candy and such.

When you turn nine years old,
You know you’re getting there.
You’re becoming more old,
But that’s not something you want to hear.

This is a birthday card for this special day
Because we care about you every day.
This should be the best day you did
Because you’re one special kid.

There’s something about your birthday
That makes me feel great every year.
I always circle it on my calendar,
And I make sure to send you this card, dear.

I want you to have the best day you can,
And play all throughout the day
Because that is part of the plan.

Enjoy your birthday now,
Because soon you’ll be done
And 10 is the next race to be won.

Being nine years old is a big deal,
And we’ve planned for you a very big meal.
Please remember to sing along
On your special birthday song.
We sing with gusto and cheer
Because you are very dear.
Nine comes in a flash,
And then you’ll be off on the next dash.

On your ninth birthday, I hope you have a time
Because I made you a pie made only of lime.
Make sure you remember to have to most fun
Because we’re planning on partying in the sun.
When you need a place to play
Remember that at our house you can always stay
Because this is your ninth year
And we want to give you some cheer.

The best thing about giving you this card
Is that you’ll get by crossing the yard.
Then you bring the mail inside
And open up the envelope hide.
You’ll see that all we have to say
Is that it’s your very special birthday.
When you turn nine years old,
You do things for yourself so very bold.
So have a great day and don’t forget,
You’re the very best kid we’ve ever met.

Turning nine today is a great thing
Because with it candy and presents it brings
We know that you’re growing up so fast
So we want you to have a blast.
Have a great birthday today
Because there’s fun to be had in every way.

When we got this card for you,
We weren’t sure what to do.
We looked up and down every aisle,
Traveling the extra mile
To find something that would work for you.

Rather than settle
We chose to meddle
In a card that is true
To say that we love you.

On your ninth birthday
I want you to remember
That this very day
Is one to be filled with splendor.

We have so much to say,
But this card is so very short.
So we’ll say happy birthday
Because we know you’re a good sport.