16th Birthday Wishes

This is your 16th birthday,
And this one is very special.
We all know that your birthday
Always feels crucial.

I hope that you have the most wonderful day,
And that it is exciting in every single way.

This card is a way to show
That we know
How much your grown
To be someone we respect and love.

This birthday card is for someone who is truly growing.
We know that you got this old without knowing
How special you would be to us.
We must let you know
That we have loved watching you grow.
You’re an adult today,
And we know you’ll use it in all the right ways.

This birthday is the most important one for you.
Today is the day that you become the adult version of you.
You have become so strong and wise
As we have watched you with loving eyes.

Thank you for being in our lives
Because we are so very proud
Of the person you are inside.

Happy birthday to you, at 16 you are
And you will go very, very far.

Today is the day you turn 16 years old,
And I do not want to be too bold.
I know that you just want to be yourself,
But you have become something more than I could have guessed.

I am very proud of all that you are
Because I see you going very far.
You are the very person there is,
And I know you will be nothing but bliss.

Turning 16 years old is more than you thought it would be.
You have finally gotten here and it fills you with glee.
I’m looking on with eyes so proud and alive
Because I know you are the person whom you did strive.

Take this day as the very best of them all
Because I am proud of you for giving your all.

The birthday you have today is more than you thought it could be,
And now you are completely filled with joy and glee.
I hope that you are having a wonderful you deserve,
But I also hope that this card will my emotions serve.
I care about you so very much,
And that you’re sixteen and such
You are all that you wanted to abound
And I am so very proud.

Happy birthday, to you.
You became all of who you should be on this day.
Today you become an adult so true.

I know that you are nervous about what is to come
But there is nothing to fear
Because all of the best is yet to come.

Happy birthday, to my sixteen-year old friend.
I know this birthday was long in the making,
But I just want you to remember
That I am so very proud of you.

I looked forward to this day all year
To share with you some of my love
Because you have always given hugs and care
And miss this birthday, I would not dare.