76th Birthday Wishes

I have so many birthday wishes that I want to send to you
I wish you strength, joy, and happiness, too
I hope you have an awesome 76th birthday
I hope you spend it in a fantastic way

You have always been a shining star in this family
You had that special spark that was so easy to see
No matter how old you get, you will always be
The most wonderful person and a good friend to me
Have a happy 76th birthday; you deserve it all
Enjoy your celebration and have a ball!

Happy, happy 76th birthday to one of the greatest people I know
We might be getting older, but that won’t stop us from being on the go
We have so many adventures that we still have to try
We’re not going to sit back and let life pass us by
Let’s keep going to see what treasure life might bring
Let’s be ready for almost anything
We have had so much fun trying new things in the past
We can attempt anything; we just might not be as fast

Are you sitting back and thinking over the years?
Are you remembering the good times and the tears?
I can’t help but do the same thing
But there are so many more adventure that life will bring
Let’s look backward to see where we have been in the past
Then, let’s look forward to where we going to make new memories to last
You are such a strong and special person in your very core
Have a happy 76th birthday and many, many more

You deserve all of life’s blessings more than anyone I know
You are such a strong and spiritual person who continues to grow
In wisdom, belief, and other ways
You are an inspiration to us always
Have a phenomenal 76th birthday spent in a grand way
I hope all of your wishes come true on this special day

What do you wish for when all of your wishes have come true?
It seems to me that you are the luckiest person in all that you do
You have achieved great success in life and earned admiration from all who know you
You have our respect, and love, and our loyalty, too
We hope this 76th birthday is your favorite one yet
Each year will just get better and better, I bet

I hope this 76th birthday is your favorite day of the year
I hope it is filled with happy memories, great friends, and lots of cheer
When this day is over, I hope the rest of your days follow in the same way
You deserve happiness and joy on every single day

Do you know how much we love you and care for you?
Do you know that we admire you for all that you do?
You have worked hard to get to the place you are
You have outshined everyone to become the brightest star
You have inspired us to be all we can be
Happy 76th birthday spent celebrating with your loving family