88th Birthday Wishes

Sure, you’ve been brought a lot, but on your 88th birthday, you can still show us what you’ve got.

Happy birthday to a grandmother who has always been there and who has never been afraid to show she cares.

When the birthday spirits come to life
I hope they visit you tonight.
I pray they grant you peace, serenity, and joy
for all of the years of life you’ve brought to this boy.

Some say that the years in your life don’t matter
but you’ve proven that false with an existence full of joyous chatter.

On the day that has been made for you, have a laugh or two.

Happy birthday to a dad who for 88 years has been totally rad.

Going on this journey with you through life
has never been full of strife.
Instead, you’ve brought great wonder to all of my years,
so in honor of your birthday, let’s have a few beers!

Journeying with you from the days before we grew old
my heart never for a moment felt cold.
Now that your birthday has come into fruition,
for you, my love, we shall throw a grand celebration.

Happy birthday to a mom who has really always been the bomb!

Happy birthday to my mother, and I wish the happiest of days to no other.

Enjoying the years of my life has been a pleasure with you by my side.
When I say happy birthday to you, I have no reason to fear or hide.

Sitting in the corner sits a gift with a bow
I want you to open it so.
However, I do hope you’ll always remember that you are the greatest present.
With you in my life, I’ve had nothing to repent.

Two years from now we’ll do a jig
because you’ll be turning 90, and we’ll be happy as a pig.
But for right now, let’s look toward the next year
as 88 is sure to be a number full of joy and cheer.

The journey of life is enriched by those we meet along the way.
For all the joy you’ve brought to me, I wish you a very happy birthday.

For eight decades and eight years
you’ve brought this world so much cheer.
To celebrate the day in honor of you,
let’s throw a party or perhaps even two.

Knowing you has been the greatest blessing in my life, and I wish you a happy 88th birthday, my wife.

Even though our bones ache and pain
Even though we may forget a name
Even though we can’t dance for too long
Even though we might not remember that song
Our love has grown and been nourished all these years,
so I wish you a very happy birthday my precious dear.

Happy birthday to a grandfather who has always been there.
I’m sending you this birthday greeting so you know how much I care.