21th Birthday Wishes

Congratulations on turning twenty-one
the longest part of your life is now over
before you know it, you’ll be forty-one.
Have a Fabulous 21st Birthday!

On your 21st birthday, be safe, but have lots and lots of fun
do something spectacular that you will remember for years to come.
Have a Great Birthday and an even better year!

Best wishes for your 21st birthday…
May your closest friends be with you as you celebrate this special day, at last
And may you pass out safely in their laps after your crazy birthday bash!
Happy Birthday and many more to come!

It’s your 21st birthday
in the twenty-first century,
Your night ahead can’t help
but be filled with exciting fun.
Cheers to you on your big day!

Now that you are 21 and of legal drinking age
and as you make your first official poor life choices,
you will be held accountable for having too much fun!
Have an Amazing 21st Birthday!

Today is the big “21”and as you celebrate your birthday
feel proud of the many things that you have achieved
and let go of any mistakes that you truly regret.
Happy 21st Birthday and May it be the Best One Ever!

Now that you’re twenty-one,
You can have a beer and do a twirl,
Or wine and dine your favorite girl.
Happy 21st Birthday My Friend!

Sending you best wishes on your 21st birthday,
May everything go exactly your way today!
Happy Birthday to my friend!

May you feel motivated and empowered
to accomplish many great things this year…
Happy 21st Birthday to a Remarkable Person!

While your 21st birthday only comes once in a lifetime,
Be safe, and make sure you don’t do anything I would do.
Happy Birthday to My Crazy Partner in Crime!

Your 21st birthday is a huge milestone in life
May your day bring lots of marvelous surprises.
Happy Birthday and let it be the best day ever!

It’s an extra special day, because it’s your 21st birthday
Hope you’ll have an exceptionally nice time in every single way.

Wishing you the very best on your 21st birthday
and may you have many more to come!

Twenty one is so much fun,
now you can buy your own alcohol!

Congratulations! You’re finally a legal adult,
Hope your 21st birthday is as special as you are.

Finally 21 and ready for some extra exciting fun,
May the celebration continue until the day is done.
With Love, Happy 21st Birthday!

A special birthday greeting just for you
To wish you happiness all day through,
And to hope the coming year
Is the very nicest of all, my dear.
With Lots of Love, Happy 21st Birthday!

On your 21st birthday,
Whatever you do to celebrate,
May your day turn out to be just great!

I wanted to break my usual tradition
and send you an expensive gift
but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!
Happy 21st Birthday anyway…