Funny Birthday Wishes 80 year old Man

Happy Birthday-
What? Again?
How long ago did this begin?
It’s 80 times now
You’ve heard folks say
Those two little words
“Happy Birthday!”

Eight decades now
Have passed you by,
And did you notice
Your birthdays change?
One candle, two,
Or ten or twenty,
Fit on top of your cake.
But now there is no room for them!
For 80 they would make.

This world has changed-
For good, for ill-
Across your 80 years.
You tell of days
We’ve never known,
And we listen with
Eager ears.
You grew up when the world was young.
No television was then your fun.
You laughed and played in simple ways
That many have forgot these days.
With hide and seek
And kick the can
You grew up
Closer to the land.

You once were young,
But now you’re old-
In case you have not
Yet been told.
Your hairs were brown,
But now they’re gray-
And many now
Have blown away.
Your body was strong,
But now it’s worn-
And with long-forgot styles
It is adorned.
You were loved then,
You are loved now-
We don’t mean to be rude.
But 80 is quite a birthday count
So happy birthday dude!

You’ve gained the knack of guessing
The presents that we wrap.
You tell us what’s below the paper,
And we stand around and clap.
With 80 years to study the art
Of guessing the gift inside,
It’s quite a challenge, O dear old sir,
To give you a surprise.
But we think you will not guess this one,
Though you’re quite “present smart.”
This year we’ve wrapped up
And given to you
The love in all our hearts.
Happy 80th Birthday!

We wish your 80th birthday
To be blessed as it may be.
We hope that you’ll enjoy it-
The cake is even free.
We blew out all your candles
Because we know you can’t.
We’ve allotted you 80 minutes
For your annual “birthday rant.”
We made your favorite pudding,
And we even saved some for you!
Now that we’ve helped you celebrate your birthday,
Is there anything else we can do?

If wisdom builds little by little
As through the years we go,
Then, my friend, you are the wisest
Of all the people I know.

We never would poke fun at you
On such a momentous day.
Today is your 80th birthday,
And you’ll remember it long we pray.
We hope your wig is dandruff free
And your can is sturdy as can be.
We’ll keep a straight face
And will not laugh
When you leave us soon
To take your nap.
Your 80th birthday is no time for levity,
So we hope you appreciate our creativity.

Of all the men
I’ve ever known,
Sir, you are certainly
The most fully grown.
Your 80 years
Have made you wise,
But we’re sorry to say
It hasn’t helped your eyes.
We love you Gramps,
And Great-Gramps to some,
We are your clain-
In you we’re one.