23th Birthday Wishes

Although I may not have known you all along,
That won’t stop me from singing your praises to the sky.
Because you’re an amazing person and friend to me,
And a friend I hope I have forever, I can’t lie.
You have taught me many important things in life,
How to laugh, kick back, relax, and set my spirit free.
So I hope you have a happy birthday on this day,
Toast your first twenty-three years and the next twenty-three!

Twenty-three years old is a great age for anyone,
You’re just now rising to take your place out in the sun.
You are old enough to leave the follies of your youth,
And to know some facts of life, and some deeper truths.
But you’re young and vibrant still with so much more to see,
You have all the potential of the world at your feet.
The perfect combination of energy and brains
Will help you to fight the crowds and go against the grain.
You are going to do great things, what else can I say?
Good luck, congrats, and hope you have the happiest birthday!

Side by side, through so much stuff we’ve stood, you and me,
Through every single one of these years, all twenty-three.
We’ve done so much, and there is so much more we will see,
And knowing I’ll have you right there, I couldn’t feel more glee.
You have always challenged me to be all I can be,
So let’s toast your birthday this year, and the next twenty-three!

Happy 23rd Birthday, My Friend!

Many times on birthday years that are not nice and round,
Like the 16th or 21st or others so profound,
People tend to ignore your age, not to say a word
Past “Happy Birthday!” Well, I’m saying “Happy 23rd!”

T is for the Truths you’ve taught me about myself.
W is for the Witty sense of humor within yourself.
E is for Each time you sat and held my hand.
N is for Never being afraid to take a stand.
T is for Taking time to give a compliment.
Y is for all the times you Yelled encouragement.
T is for the Twenty-three years you’ve been my friend.
H is for Hoping we’re friends til the very end.
R is for Respect that you have earned and you have shown.
E is for how Every day my love for you grown.
E is for the Eternity that I hope I get to say
Have a truly great and happy blessing filled birthday!

There’s a few things every single twenty-something knows.
Like eight different ways that you can cook Spaghetti-Os,
And despite how hard you try to keep your budget tight,
You’re going to end up spending far too much one night.
Twenty-somethings know a thing or two about real stress,
As well as how it feels to realize your life might be a mess.
But what every twenty-something knows above all the rest
Is that being a twenty-something really is the best!
Where you are today is not where you were yesterday,
And where you’re going to end up is still far away.
The future holds possibilities galore,
So take each day for what it is, never less or more!

Happy Birthday To One Of My Favorite Twenty-Somethings!