65th Birthday Wishes for Dad

When I think of all you’ve taught me, I couldn’t be more glad
That I have such a wonderful man that I get to call Dad.
I can’t believe how time has flown, and all that we’ve been through,
And though I don’t say it enough, I really do love you.
I wouldn’t be where I am, not even anywhere close,
If you weren’t there to give me advice in a generous dose.
You work hard day in and out, and guided me ‘long the way,
So I hope you have a relaxing, happy Birthday!

Happy 65th Birthday, Dad!

It’s hard to say whether I would be where I am today
Had I not had a Dad like you to light up the right way.
From the days of childhood you stood right next to me,
Fixing toys and broken hearts and sometimes scraped up knees.
If I’m half the person you are when I am your age,
I’ll have lived my life just right, filling ever page.
Your life is filled with love and joy because you worked so much,
And you’ve taught me what’s important and other things as such.
It’s people like you that everyone needs to have in their lives,
So happy birthday on this day as you turn sixty-five!

Happy 65th, Dad!

Fathers can be called many different names today.
Father, Daddy, Papa, Pops, just to name a few.
But I’m lucky because I get a special one;
“My best friend,” and “Perfect man” are the things I call you.
You taught me everything it means to be alive.
From lessons in the back seat of the car on long road trips
To all the times I called on you after I moved out
You were always there to lend a hand and lots of tips.
I can’t believe how time has flown and I owe you thanks.
Thanks for being a great role model in every way.
Thanks for putting up with a silly kid like me.
And thanks in advance for having a great 65th birthday!

Have A Happy Birthday, Dad! You Deserve It!

There’s a lot of special powers that parents possess:
The ability to stop naughtiness with one look.
The power to look alert although they want to rest.
And eyes in the back of their head to see what their kids took.
As a kid you think your parents have these super powers
But it’s not until you’re older that you understand
That the patience, love, and care that they give every hour
Is the true super power that they have at their hand.
You have always, always been my biggest hero Dad!
I don’t know if, without you, I’d have managed to survive.
You’ve always been right there for me, and for that I’m glad!
That’s why I wish you the best as you turn sixty-five.

Happy 65th, Pops!

I remember being a kid wanting to be you,
I would copy every single little thing you’d do.
I wanted to be big and strong just like you were, too.
And none of that changed at all as to an adult I grew.
Now I know a secret as a kid I never knew,
Your love is the strength that is the truest of the true.
Happy Birthday to the man who taught me what to do,
In any situation old or just brand new!