25th Birthday Wishes for Brother

I am blessed to be here celebrating your 25th.
There is no one else I’d rather be brothers with.
You always make me laugh and smile.
Let’s ring in your birthday with style.

You’re the best brother I could ever think to ask for.
You’ve always had my back no matter what, and I couldn’t ask for much more.
I continue to cherish the day you came into this world.
Happy birthday from your baby sister.
I am one very lucky girl.

25 long years from now, you’ll be an old man of 50.
You’ll teach your children how to be thrifty.
Not that long ago, you were stumbling around in a diaper.
Running around the house, always so hyper.
Thank you for deciding to spend this special birthday with me.
I will make you proud one day, you’ll see.
There is no doubt that you’re the best brother ever.
You can count on me to be there forever.

Long ago, we used to go fishing with a stick and string.
It didn’t matter that we never caught one thing.
Spending time together was always enough for us.
Today you turn 25 and didn’t want a big fuss.
Let’s kick our feet back and have a couple of beers.
You deserve a great day, and lots of love and cheers.

As I watch you grow older, I realize you look just like dad.
You’re half way to 50 today, and I know you might be sad.
Growing up isn’t always fun, but it’s not so bad.
You’re just not cool anymore, like an old fad.

It seems like all we do anymore is bicker and fight.
The truth is, I still think you’re kind of alright.
It’s your 25th birthday and I can’t hold a grudge.
I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else, on that I will not budge.

You taught me not to be afraid of snakes, spiders, and bugs.
You guided me through the tough years and always gave me hugs.
I am your baby sister, and one of your biggest fans.
Happy 25th birthday, I hope you don’t have any other plans.

People think we are exactly alike, but I think we are unique.
From the way you part your hair to the way that you speak.
We used to share our clothes, friends, and one car.
Now all we have left is our 25th birthday.
Why don’t we celebrate at the bar?

You got the good grades in high school and finished college with a degree.
I had to work twice as hard just for people to notice me.
It’s because you are a really cool brother and an even better friend.
Although you are turning 25 today, this is far from the end.

Sibling rivalry was never a phrase that defined us.
I was far too busy protecting you from the mean kids on the bus.
Now that you are 25, I finally see you as a grown man.
You’ll always be my baby brother, that was part of God’s plan.