Birthday Wishes about Time

On your birthday, I am reminded of the passing time.
I want you to know how special you’ve been through life,
And I would not trade it for anything.
The best thing I can give is this rhyme
So that I can show you how much you’ve meant in my life
Because you are the very best thing.

This birthday, you should be reminded of time.
The time you’ve spent in love, with friends,
And it was all sublime.

I hope that this birthday is very special for you,
Because you have been so special to me,
And have brought me nothing but glee.

The best thing for you on your birthday is learning that you are loved.
I promise to always be by your side as time passes by.
You have brought such into my life,
And I could not imagine doing anything other being the same to abide.

On your birthday, my dear friend,
I want to recommend
That you are happy as you will every be
Because your life is nothing but glee.
I know that times are not always right,
But I will not let you out of my sight.
I promise to be with you through thick and thin,
Just as for me, you have always been.

This is the season of your birthday,
And I hope that you, my friend, are feeling gay.
There is so much for you to do on this day,
But I want you to remember to play.

You’ve spent so much love on saving my life,
That I want you to have just one day without strife.
Thank you for being who you are to me,
Because you are the best person to me.

One thing I want you to remember on your birthday,
Dear friend,
Is how you were able to mend
This broken heart and send
Me through life knowing
Exactly where I should be going.

The best things in life, my friend,
Come in small packages.
The way that you pick me up,
The way that we laugh,
The way we share.
Thank you for always being there
Because this birthday is for you,
The one who cares.

For my friend on their birthday.
Your birthday is the most important day in life.
Your birthday is to be a day filled with light.
You may not understand its might,
But your birthday to reminds me every year
Of everything that you bring to this world in light.

My dearest friend, you birthday appears.
There are many things about you that I hold dear.
I could fill this card with loves and letters,
Because you are the person who has always made me better.

Some say people are their better half, my friend,
But on this, your birthday, I want you to know
That it is my heart you mend.
Because you have spent so much time on the go
Trying to solve my hiding trend,
I must now let you know,
That you are my very best friend.