26th Birthday Wishes

I hope your birthday is full of all your favorite things,
So go to the movies, do some shopping and enjoy yourself.
I am excited to see what this year brings.
I wish you a year of fun, excitement and good health.

You are still young,
But you grew up so fast.
I enjoyed spending time
With you in the past,
And in the future we will
Continue to have a blast.

Growing older seems scary.
When I was getting closer
To 30, I was very wary.
However, growing up is
An adventure that is full
Of great moments. I am glad
I will experience many of
Your moments with you.
Happy 26th birthday!

You might have wanted your early 20’s to last forever,
But the second half of your 20’s will be even better.
A few years ago you just got of school,
were still living with your parents and worried about bills,
But now you have a fancy job and a place that is cool.
This year and the years after are going to be full of thrills!

May your birthday be full of
warm wishes, smiles and lots of hugs.
Eat cake, celebrate all week and have a ball!
Do not make your 26th small,
But make it the best birthday of all.

I could talk about everything
I love about you, but the list
of your great qualities is long.
I want to spend time celebrating
With you instead. I hope you get the gist
When I say you are sweet, strong,
Intelligent and thoughtful,
And you deserve an amazing birthday.

When you make a wish and
Blow out the candles,
Know that I am making a wish too.
I am wishing that all
Your dreams come true
And that you have a
Wonderful year.

Your year will bring new
Challenges and surprises,
But I know you can handle
Anything that arises.
You have grown into a
Compassionate, capable adult
Who embraces new possibilities
And is full of bravery.
I have faith in your abilities,
But you also have me to love and
Support you always.

I think thinking of you
And am excited to see
What your 26th year brings.
I know that whatever you do
Will be fantastic just like you!

Whether you want to party all night
Or have a quiet meal with a few friends,
I hope that your 26th birthday is perfect.
Do whatever feels right,
But I better get an invite!

Just like wine you get better with age.
This sounds like a cliche, but it is true.
I never think you can get any finer.
However, every year you do.

You are a great friend,
So you deserve more than
A simple message on Facebook
From me on your birthday.
I want to thank you for
Listening to me, sharing
Your passions with me
And making memories with me.
I appreciate the bond we share,
And I will always be there
For you. Happy birthday!

We do not see each other much
Now that college is over, but
I am wishing you such
A joyous day.
Have a great 26th, but know
Many more fabulous years are on the way.