90th Birthday Wishes

Celebrating your 90th birthday is a true blessing from above.
Each day in your presence is full of support and love.
One day I know I will have to say a sad goodbye.
Until then I cannot help but smile when you stop by.

You’ve lived through and experienced so many different trends.
I’m sure the world today seems full of dead ends.
You turn 90 years old today, but you’re still as cool as ever.
I treasure our memories together and your comments so clever.

90 years old is not too far off from reaching an even 100.
What it must be like to live so long, I’ve always wondered.
I wish you the best of health both mental and physical.
Spending my entire life being loved by you is a true miracle.

Being a great-great-grandparent is such a wonderful reward.
Children running around means that you can never become bored.
Teaching them to mind their manners and how to worship the Lord.
Growing up to become half the man that you are at is what we are working toward.
Have a joyous birthday as you are now 90 years old.
We look forward to your stories, some of the greatest ever told.

You have outlived most of your friends in the last few years.
I know that being called old really grinds your gears.
We don’t dare try to light 90 candles, though it is your birthday today.
If you don’t want us to mention your age again, we cannot help but kindly obey.

Each day with you we live as though it may be our last.
It feels like the time with you has gone by way too fast.
You’ve had a crazy 89 years behind you, although we can leave it in the past.
You turn 90 today, and I hope that you have a total blast.

Many generations of women have followed in your graceful steps.
Any time I hear you name it is said with a certain pep.
Happy 90th birthday, and I pray you many more.
You’re the greatest role model and mother I could ever ask for.

I’ve heard people say you’re a grumpy old fart.
Cynicism from age is an actual work of art.
You’re an awesome grandpa that deserves an amazing 90th birthday celebration.
If you had an audience, they would give you a standing ovation.

You’re 90 years old today, but so full of glory.
When we were younger, we would sit around waiting for a good story.
We love hearing about your life in vivid detail.
We try to make you proud, and I hope we did not fail.

I know you don’t understand why we’re glued to gadgets and devices.
I love the way you throw a fit over high prices.
Modern times have brought us the color television, the telephone, and every online store.
There have been so many changes since you were born 90 years before.

Your birthday is coming up and you’ll be 90 years young.
No tune has been finer, nor sweeter song has been sung.
A legacy you will one day leave in our minds.
Much like all of the times you whipped our behinds.