Birthday Wishes for younger Brother

When you were little, you got on my nerves a lot
There were so many times that we argued and fought
We’re older now and have gone in different ways
But I still remember all of our younger days
That my younger brother is a fine man is surely true
I’m wishing happy birthday and all the best to you

We’ve been so close since we were little kids
It’s great to think of all the fun things we did
Now that we’re all grown up and live far apart
Just thinking of you is so dear to my heart
Happy birthday to my younger brother

You’re my brother and good friend
Our special bond will never end
Our days together go by too fast
But our memories will always last
Happy birthday to a great brother
You are truly like no other

Growing up, you and I always made quite a pair
So many great memories just you and I share
To my baby brother who’s a cut above the rest
Here’s happy birthday and wishing you all the best

Hey little brother, it’s your special day
Birthday wishes I’m sending your way
You’re a great guy, I know this is true
I wish you the best in all you do

Being baby of the family wasn’t always easy
But your personality was always fun and breezy
I can’t begin to say how special you are to me
My wonderful little brother you’ll always be
So I wish you happy birthday and all good things
May you enjoy all the happiness this day brings

I remember way back when you were a little boy
All our good times together I’d always enjoy
My heart is full with more than I could ever say
Wishing my younger brother the best on his birthday

I teased you, younger brother, I know that’s true
But I always cared so much, more than you ever knew
Now that we’re older you need to understand
I’m proud you’ve become such a wonderful man
And so I wish you a happy birthday and many more
I’m hoping only good things for you are in store

You will always be, a special brother to me
I want you to know, that wherever you go
I will always care, so these words I share
Happy birthday to a great younger brother

Our childhood days have come and gone
But our connection still remains strong
I often think of my younger brother along the way
I wish you much happiness on your special day

I think back to all our childhood games
There are way too many for us to name
I think how we used to drive mom crazy
Or just hang out while being lazy
Some things between us will never change
The friendship we share is still the same
To the best younger brother that could ever be
Happy birthday wishes come straight from me

To a really cool guy with lots of class
For a better younger brother no one could ask
I wish you the best no matter what you do
Happy birthday wishes I’m sending to you