43th Birthday Wishes

It is strange to me that you were my age now when you gave birth to me.
You showed me love, guidance, and patience to a significant degree.
I don’t think of you as old at the age of 43.
You’re mature, wise, and a charming beauty for all to see.

No one has ever been more proud to call themselves a daddy’s girl than I am.
Even though I was such a tomboy, you treated me like a precious lamb.
Thanks for teaching me to catch a fish and take care of myself.
I’ve planned a special 43rd birthday for your to relax and enjoy yourself.

I am in my early 20s, but it’s hard to put my life together.
Comparing myself you, a grown man of 43, has made me feel under the weather.
Thanks for your encouragement and guidance with your knowledge.
You know how difficult it is straight out of college.

There are days I wish that I was turning 43 once again.
I’m jealous that my younger sister still has wrinkle-free skin.
Some people can grow older without every showing a sign.
If you make plans for your birthday, don’t forget to drop a line.

My big brother has turned into a gentleman with a beautiful wife in tow.
You’re 43 today, but there is still plenty of decades to go.
There isn’t enough time to explain how proud of you that I am.
Call me anytime just to chat, even if you find yourself in a jam.

Not ever guy can say that his best friend is a beautiful girl.
Your husband is like a brother, and your kids are out of this world.
I’m always here if any of you need me to help with anything at all.
Your 43rd birthday should be celebrated, do not forget to give me a call.

43 years old is not too young to be called a grandmother.
Do not worry, you did an amazing job raising your own baby.
Your family is lucky to have someone that is not afraid to smother.
I am incredibly thankful to be your best friend, and I do not mean maybe.

Every since I was a child, you were like a second father in my world.
Most people do not experience as much love, I realize I am a lucky girl.
You’re an amazing uncle, and I’m finally old enough to appreciate it.
Celebrate your 43rd birthday to the fullest, because otherwise I will throw a fit.

People always seem to have things to say about you, but never a negative word.
Your spirit is so free and beautiful like an exotic breed of bird.
I’ve never known such an amazing and talented person.
Expect your 43rd year to help you to grow into a more refined version.

We act as if we’re a pair of the coolest sisters ever.
Unfortunately, we are only best friends with a bond no one can sever.
On the adventure of your 43rd year, I am excited to accompany.
I give so much thanks for each day we have together in such good company.