36th Birthday Wishes

It’s true that most birthdays always did bore me
I think I may enjoy this one a little bit more, see?
With all due respect please don’t take this too sorely
It’s just the fact that you’re one year closer to 40

May every step be full of peace
As your special day draws near
Your last birthday was quite the joy
I hope you have the same this year

Make a wish
Eat some cake
(Be careful with the wish you make)
If you’re squinting just to read this page
You’ve officially reached middle age

I remember when you were 9
Later watched you turn 18
You never failed to shine
Even through all the years between
A few years later, 27
The joys of playful 20s heaven
I now embrace your youthful tricks
I’m excited for the next 36

Open gifts and have a ball
Take some photos for the wall
Reminisce just for kicks
Congrats on turning 36

When thinking of just who you are
Sometimes I go back to the past
Who knew we’d ever get this far?
It seems as though we’ve grown up fast

I heard it’s your birthday
Wow, how divine!
I’m just as excited as if it were mine
I do have one question that’s stuck in my mind:
Are you still telling people you’re just 29?

Have fun at your party
Go wild at your bash
This wish is your present
(I ran out of cash)

Your birthday is here
I almost forgot
I hope you enjoy the gifts that I bought
I picked them up, I was not too late
If I find out my efforts were just all for naught
Then I hope your birthday is still just as great

May your day be perfect
May your year be bright
May every wish be granted
To your heart’s delight

Time sure seems to speed on by
I really don’t know how
While that thought does make me sigh
I just think of how OLD you are now

Go all out in celebration
Revel in joy and elation
If there’s one request that I may make:
Could you save me just one piece of cake?

Don’t feel bad, you’re getting older
You really shouldn’t care
At this age you can’t complain
You still have all your hair!

What gift is just your style?
I promise I did try
Though I thought for quite a while
I didn’t know what to buy

I’m very proud to witness
The person you became
For all the years to come
I hope you stay the same

Your birthday’s here again
So let your spirit shine
Best wishes on your special day
…Be sure to remember mine

Another year gained
Rules of life explained
One more opened door
Now take flight and soar

A new age of growth and wisdom
This is just the start
I wish you love and more
From the bottom of my heart

You’re 36 today
What an amazing place to be
My favorite part about it is
You’re much older than me

Many birthdays passed
I’ve known you for a while
And just like the last
I hope today is full of smiles