37th Birthday Wishes

Many blessings of all shapes and sizes come down from heaven. You are one of them sent down some years ago, in fact, it was thirty-seven!

Thirty-seven wishes are being sent your way. Thirty-seven wishes to brighten up your day. Thirty-seven wishes to show you that you’re loved. Thirty-seven wishes because you’re a gift from above. Thirty-seven wishes, one for each year. Thirty-seven wishes because you are very precious, and so very dear!

Today you turn thirty-seven and so I celebrate! I’ll need a cake and a fire extinguisher (please don’t make me elaborate)! I’ll need a gift wrapped with a bow. I’ll need all of the friends and family you know. I’ll need a glass to make a toast. I’ll need a special venue, and I’ll need a grand host! But most of all what I’ll need is something amazing, it’s true! It’s something that I’ll always need, and that something is the amazing, the wonderful, the incredible, you!

Thirty-seven is not old; it just means you’re getting more glorious and more bold! I see you growing better with each and every day. And you are definitely growing more wise, as they like to say! You get more, and more, wonderful each and every year! And you’re cherished and adored by all us who know you, from both far and near!

Happy Birthday, you wear thirty-seven well! If I am the beast, than you are my Belle. Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe just how you are to me! And I wish you all the joy, and all of the happiness, that there could ever be!

You may be thirty-seven, but you’re always my #1! You make my life full of smiles and always so much fun! I’m so very blessed by your presence here on Earth. So today I lift my glass to you, and I celebrate your birth!

You shine far brighter than any star. You’re sure, you’re confident, you know who you are! With each and every year that has passed, you’ve made a glowing impression that lasts. I am so lucky to have you in my life, that I know is true. And so, I am sending wishes for the very best ever, thirty-seventh birthday to you!

You inspire us to be better. You’re our favorite go-getter. You are an example for us all. You teach us how to stand tall. We’re so very thankful that you were born thirty-seven years ago today. And we wish you good things, more than words could say!

Don’t you rest, sleep, or slumber! Thirty-seven is just a number! You’ve got spunk and you’ve got verve! You’ve got sass and you’ve got nerve! So here’s some birthday wishes to share some happy. I’m going to make this short and snappy. May your day be filled with delight! And may your year be out of sight!

Today I thought of thirty-seven things to be thankful for, each year that has passed since the day you were born! You are such a bright blessing to me! And because of that, I celebrate thee! Happy Birthday to dear you! May your days always be filled with what is good, and with what is true!