75th Birthday Wishes for Dad

Dad, you are the reason I’m here, the reason I’m alive.
You have taught me how to survive and thrive.
I can only hope to be the man you are, at seventy five.

Some people might think seventy five is old,
but I think being seventy five is bold.
You are the strongest man I know,
and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to show,
just how much you mean to me.

Sometimes I might call you an “Old Fart”,
but you know it always come from the heart.
And yes, turning seventy five is a feat at that,
and for that I tip my hat.
But, no matter how old you might be,
You will always mean the world to me…you “Old Fart”.

You are the father I brag about,
I feel like I need to go to the top of a mountain and shout out,
“I have the best Father in the world!”
But, people would think I’m weird in the head,
So I bought you this card instead.
Happy Birthday Dad!

With you turning seventy five,
I’ve been thinking about our long, happy, lives.
You are the reason we are here,
and I want to make something clear…
You are the best Dad we could ever ask for,
You are our heart and soul, at our very core.
Thank you for being the best Dad,
and I will never forget all of the memories we’ve had.

Happy Birthday you old man!
I hope you have a blast on this blessed day,
Even though you’re old, we’ll find some way to celebrate!
Maybe I’ll buy you a used wheelchair,
we can push each other around and people will stare.
We’ll pop wheelies and speed down the road,
to celebrate you being this old!

You are the patriarch of our family,
and for that I thank you, my majesty.
I love the person you are at seventy five,
I can only hope to be like you, I can only strive.
I want to make you proud of me,
so I can be like the Father I see.
Thank you for all of your love and support,
Happy Birthday, to the man, who never falls short.

You’ve gone “Over the Hill” too many times to count,
But, you definitely surmount…
At seventy five you are still the best,
and that, no one can contest.

Happy Birthday you old man you!
I still can’t believe how old you are,
and how you have come so far.
I love you with all of my heart,
even though you may be an old fart!
Seventy five, you’re still alive,
and I just want to give you a hug…and a high five!

You are the most influential man in my life,
and there’s no arguing with that.
I remember the day you bought my first baseball bat,
and when you got me my fishing knife.
You blessed me with so many great memories,
thank you, Dad, without you,
My life would be on the contrary.