64th Birthday Wishes

Happy 64th birthday to a friend I have known for many, many years
We have been together through happy times and even some tears
I simply do not know how I would have made it through
All of life’s trials and tribulations without you
I wish you all of the happiness that you deserve on your special day
Make sure you celebrate in a fantastic, awesome way

I am so blessed to have you in my life every single day
I want you to know that I wouldn’t have it any other way
I enjoy the time we spend together and the silly laughs we share
I love you so much, and I hope you know just how much I care
Happy 64th birthday to my very best friend
Here’s hoping your happiness will never end

I have some birthday wishes that I want to share with you
I wish you many days of love, joy, and laughter, too
I wish you happiness always and peace of heart
I wish that you and I never have to be apart
I wish you a happy 64th birthday that is the best yet
You’ll live it up for all it’s worth, I bet

I have never known anyone as special as you are in so many ways
You are charismatic, enthusiastic, and graceful on all days
I admire you for the person you are now and have become through the years
I just wanted to send you some happy birthday wishes and cheers
Your 64th birthday is a big event, and I hope you do it up right
You simply are a bright, shining star in my sight

Happy 64th birthday to the most wonderful person I know
You are still one of the most active and adventurous people I know
I am finding it hard to keep up with your fast pace
Even though I still enjoy seeing your smiling face
I hope this birthday beats all of the rest
As far as friends go, you are the very best

To a man that I admire and have for so very long
I respect all that you do; you just can’t be wrong
I heed your advice and listen carefully to what you say
There is no one on earth who deserves a happier birthday
You have taught me so much in your 64 years
I hope you spend your birthday in happiness and with cheer

As you turn another year older, you get three wishes more
Don’t waste them on silly things or your vices galore
In fact, maybe I should make your wishes for you
Wish for happiness, love, and joy, too
Wish for continued good health
Wish for lots of wealth
These are the wishes that I hope come true
I hope you have a wonderful 64th birthday, too

How many wishes do you get when you turn 64?
I hope that as you get older you get even more
I hope all of your birthday wishes come true
Enjoy your special day and live it up, too
Take the time to enjoy your family and your friends
And remember that everyone around you sends
You love and kisses on this great day
Spend your moment in the sun in a fantastic way