40th Birthday Wishes for Boss

Happy 40th birthday to a great boss and friend
On this day, I want to take the time to send
Birthday wishes filled with happiness and cheer
To one that I hold very special and dear

Happy birthday boss, you are getting so old
I hate to say it, boss, but I’ll be bold
You are now so old you over the hill
We hope you’ll be around for awhile still!

Birthday wishes on your 40th birthday
I hope you spend it in a special way
As far as bosses go, I enjoy working for you
Have a great day and celebrate, too

To a boss who is always here to help in any way
We hope you have a very special 40th birthday
We want you to know how much we care about you
We hope your day is pleasant and fun, too

Dear boss, thank you for just being you
You hold this team together like glue
We stick together like a team should always do
Celebrate your moment, and happy birthday, too

Another year has come and gone, and we are still together here
I want to take a moment and make it very clear
I don’t try to aggravate you, my number one boss
I’m just so good at it that I do it at all costs
Anyway, I hope you have a great 40th birthday
Celebrate and spend it in your own special way


Happy birthday to a boss who turns 40 today
I am sending happy wishes on this special birthday
I hope you get all of the things you want this year
Great employees, no complaints, and a cold beer!

Dear boss, we know we don’t take the time we should
To appreciate you in every way we could
I hope this changes in almost every way
We thank you for your service and wish you a happy birthday

Boss, there is no one more deserving of a day off of work that you
But really we are hoping that you send us home for the day, too
We want to spend a day relaxing in the sun
After all, you are boss number one
Happy 40th birthday, boss, we think you are great
Let’s all go home on this special date

Your birthday comes but once a year
Let’s spend it celebrating with good cheer
We brought you a cake and even ice cream
We want to celebrate as a team
Happy 40th birthday to a boss who deserves life’s best
We wish for you a day of happiness and peaceful rest

Let’s party, boss, today is your big day
Even though you’re getting old, I must say
You still have a lot of fire inside
This journey called life is such a wild ride
Let’s celebrate all day until we drop
We’ll eat cake until we pop
Happy birthday, boss, on this special day
Enjoy your moment to shine in a crazy way

Happy birthday to a boss I just adore
I wish for you many, many more
Your 40th birthday will be so much fun
I wish for you happiness by the ton