50th Birthday Wishes

Here’s to someone who’s been around for quite awhile
Someone who knows how to live with class and style
You’ve accomplished goals and reached your dreams
You’ve shown us all what being fifty really means

I’ve known you for years; we were friends from the start
You’re fun, energetic, and most of all, young at heart
You’re a great human being right to the core
May you remain this way for at least fifty more

Happy fiftieth to someone who knows how to laugh, love, and enjoy life
You’ve survived the ups and downs, through good times and in strife
Happy birthday to a fantastic person who’s an inspiration to us all

Being around you is always great
Our lives together have been top rate
So celebrate and sing a birthday song
Do the fifty dance the whole night long
Here’s to today, you deserve only the best
Here’s to a great tomorrow, and all the rest

You’ve awed us all with your own personal style
You’ve enjoyed the good times and weathered the trials
You’re a true survivor and an example to everyone you know
Even though you’ve reached fifty you’ve got a long way to go

Some say fifty is the new forty, but you make fifty look just fine
You’ve aged with grace and dignity, defying the power of time
As the days continue to pass, may you make every experience the most
So I wish you happy fiftieth birthday, and to you make my toast

Wishing you only best
You’re an inspiration to the rest
Swiftly go the years
Laughter and the tears
Only good things are in store
Happy fiftieth and many more

No better friend than you
A love that’s always true
We have spent wonderful times
A better spouse I’d never find
Happy fiftieth birthday

Fifty years is a milestone, so remember to stand tall
May you enjoy many more and continue to give it your all
We’ve experienced laughter, love, and even tears
But I’m thankful to have known you for so many years

As the years come and go, you get better with age
You’ve finally arrived in life at a brand new stage
It’s time to light fifty candles and celebrate
Hats off to someone who’s always been great

Half a century has come and gone
Time does pass quickly when you’re having fun
But don’t you worry, life’s just begun
Here’s wishing you fifty more before you’re done

We look up to you and admire all you’ve done
You’ve shown how to be a winner in the long run
You’ve worked hard for everything you’ve got
Happy fiftieth, your family loves you a lot

You’ve taken charge and shown you’re no victim of fate
And may the rest of your life continue to be top rate
You’ve now reached a wonderful new phase
Time to relax and enjoy, fifty is a great age

Just remember, fifty is not over the hill
There’s a lot of life left in you still
Wishing you all the best as you journey on
Love, happiness, and a life that’s long