66th Birthday Wishes

You’re 66 and now it’s time
To harvest all the good things you’ve sown.
You planted your family tree
Tended it so carefully
And now your time’s your own.
So take some time this special day
To plan the things you want to do
And please accept our Happy Birthday wishes
Especially for you.

Dear Sister,
Now you’re 66
But there’s no time to rest –
We’ve raised our families side-by-side
The years ahead will be the best.
When the party frills are put away
And the guests go home
Let’s start our first adventure today!
Good times are yet to come.

Brother, on your 66th birthday
I remember all our childhood pleasures –
Fishing, imagining our dream cars and places we might go
We did our jobs, raised our families and stored up our treasures
Now this is our time to spend together.
Happy Birthday, Brother!
We’ll make our dreams real adventures.

Happy 66th Birthday, Mom, and thank you
I’m a strong woman
Because of everything you did and do.
You worked overtime to show me the way
You taught me how to be a mom
Now it’s time for me to say –
You have a lot of happiness ahead
Look forward to it on your special day.

To my friend on your 66th birthday –
I’ll miss you every day at work
While you’re out having fun
But you deserve it oh so much
After all the good you’ve done!

Dear Dad, at 66
I know it’s hard for you
To imagine a life of ease –
But I remember the good times I had as a child
Can we do them over again, please?
This time we’ll bring my son along
And strengthen our family tree.

For my Sweetheart on her 66th birthday –
I’ve planned a special day for you
A day of quiet reflection
A day for me to wait on you
And surround you with affection.
You’ve taken care of me so long, our children and grandchildren too
This day and all the years ahead are dedicated to you.

My Husband, my Love –
You’ve worked so hard so many years
And made our life secure.
You still found the time soothe our children’s fears
When growing up made them unsure.
You put our family on the right path
Made me feel loved and always made me laugh –
So on your 66th birthday, I’m celebrating you
For all the times we’ve had together and all the things we’ve yet to do.

Dear Best Friend –
Happy 66th Birthday!
We’ve spent so many years together
You know just what I’ll say.
Thank you for being by my side
From childhood till today
You supported me when I was down
And cheered me on in times of play.
Now we can spend our best years
Reliving the favorite times of our youth
People always thought us sisters –
In spirit, that’s the truth.