62th Birthday Wishes

Here’s a hearty birthday wish for you
You’ve safely arrived at 62
You’ve made the most of each and every day
You’ve loved, laughed, and cried along the way
You’re surely a cut above all the rest
So enjoy 62, you’re one of the best

By age 62 you’ve lived quite a bit of life
You’ve endured the trials and the strife
We’ve watched you change through the years
And to all of us you’ve become so dear
That you’ve done great things, there is no doubt
So we raise a glass, and give a loud shout
Happy 62nd birthday!

You always seem to have a smile
You always go the extra mile
You always see the best in everyone
You’re full of adventure and lots of fun
How much you mean to us all is hard to say
Happy 62nd birthday on your special day

You’ve reached the stage in life when it’s time to relax and slow down
You can look back with few regrets, so wear a smile and lose the frown
Life’s been good, you’ve been blessed, but there’s so much more in store
So have a wonderful 62 birthday, and here’s wishing you so many more

Don’t count the candles or the years
Forget the hardships and the tears
Remember the love along the way
As you celebrate your special day
Among your blessings you can count me
62 years young is a great place to be

You’ve been a fantastic person from the start
You’ve shown everyone you’ve got a great heart
Here’s wishing you some birthday cheer
As you enter into your 62nd year

Looking back through the years to way back when
You’ve overcome difficulties time and again
May you have only the best, now and forever
Here’s wishing you the best 62nd birthday ever

At 62 what is left to say
You’ve been high class all way
Enjoy your birthday and have some fun
At 62, you’re second to none

You have always been a fabulous friend
So birthday wishes I’m going to send
You’re not old, life has just begun
You’ve got a long way to go before you’re done
May you get everything in life that’s good
May your 62nd birthday be everything it should

You’ve reached 62, this is true
But there’s no need to feel blue
So sing and dance and have a blast
Look to the future and forget the past
Just have some fun and let your heart soar
Happy 62nd birthday, and many more

You’ve reached the age when it’s time to shine
You can spend your days busy, or relax and unwind
Make the most of every single moment along the way
You’ve made it 62 years so enjoy your special day

So 62 years have come and gone
Time has quickly moved along
You love, laugh, dance, and sing
You’ve enjoyed what life will bring
May you enjoy many more
All that life has in store

Sometimes life has put you to the test
Your true character showed you’re the best
I raise a glass and wish you plenty of cheers
Wishing you happy 62nd, and many more years