Birthday Wishes about Age

Age is just a number my friend,
And I want to recommend
That you spend your days remembering all you have done
Because your heart is like the sun.
You shine light on all who know you,
Because you turn everything to light from blue.
I hope this is your most special day,
Because you are special to me in every way.

The best age for you, my friend, is the age you are today.
You have grown so much in every single way.
I hope that this, this birthday, is a reminder to you
That you are giving more and more to all of us who are blue.

This is the best birthday for you, my friend,
Because you are the age that helps you to mend
Hearts of those in need
Because you always hear their plea.

As you have grown, you have always been there,
And I promise that the heart you wear
Has kept me alive through all the bad
Because you make me ever so glad.

When you celebrate your birthday, this year,
I want you to celebrate with good cheer.
There is something about you, friend,
That will never age
Because you are the kind of person
Who helps all of us who are not so sage.

When we celebrate your birthday, my friend,
It is like you never grown another day old.
I have learned from you to live, to love
To learn and to be bold.
I hope that these qualities never leave you
Because on the days that I am blue
I hope that I am like you
When I become old.

When you are celebrating your birthday this year,
please remember that you are someone who brings such incredible cheer.
This day is all about you, my friend,
But I do not want your heart to be on the mend
Because you are getting another year older
And another year bolder.
Age is all in the mind, my dear,
And this is just another year
Where you can be you
And stop worrying about a number or two.

The best thing about your birthday, my friend,
Is that we do not focus on numbers.
We deal with the things going on in life
And many of life’s wonders.

We work very hard to make sure that we have fun
Because your smile is like the sun.
Thank you for being you this year,
Because I’m not keeping count for our own cheer.

When you awake on your birthday, my dear,
I want you to forget the numbers and only remember your cheer.
We want to celebrate you this day
And we hope that the numbers do not get in the way.

I don’t want to be scared to grow a day more
Because your heart is more important than the score.
Thank you for being at my side,
Because your life always changes the ride.

I’ll always celebrate you no matter the fee,
Because you are numbers mean nothing to me.