50th Birthday Wishes for Coworker / Colleague

The big 5-0!
Way to go!
You’ve made it!
What do you know?
Hope your day is the best!
Above all the rest!
Happy 50th Birthday!

I have to say you’re the man
The one we can always count on when in a jam
We expect you to get the job done
Always ready to come on the run
Now it’s your 50th birthday,
Time to say
You deserve a break
This is your day!

Happy 50th Birthday, Buddy!
You always work so hard,
You always do your best.
You make us all do more
You put us to the test
On your birthday, the gang from work has one thing to say
Go out and have some fun today!

What do you say when your co-worker is 50?
Eat, drink, and be merry!
Have that extra piece of cake!
Add a scoop of ice cream!
Stop by the bar!
Take a breather!
Don’t work too hard today because 50 only comes once!

Hey, hey, look who’s fifty today?
You’ve got get-up-and-go
You’re on your way
You’re going places
You’re in the know
When you come to work
We know where to go
Hope your day is the best!
Happy 50th Birthday

Your 50?
Better call in to work
Take the day off
Sleep in
Live it up
Do what you want to do
Work will be waiting for you tomorrow
Happy 50th Birthday from the crew

Fifty years old
Quite a milestone
You’ve got nothing left to prove
You know who you are
You do a good job every day
We appreciate you in every way
Go out and enjoy it to the most
We raise you a toast!

Fifty years
Fifty candles on the cake
Fifty good wishes
Fifty chances for you to take
Go out and grab every minute in this day
Make it go your way
Happy 50th Birthday!

You always work so hard
You make us all look better
You raise the bar
You jump the hoops
You never complain that it can’t be done
You look for solutions
Until the day is won
On your 50th birthday,
we simply want to say
Thank you in every way
For keeping us together every day!

It’s your 50th?
What to do?
Go out and learn something new
Spread your wings
Let your heart sing
Have something good to eat
Smile at everyone you meet
This is your day
Make it special in every way!

Some say 50 is over the hill
Looking at you I say it’s forever young
Look at all you do around here at work
Everything that you have done
You’re the one we can count on every day
The one we look up to in every way
Hope your birthday is the best!
Here’s to 50 more good ones, better than the rest!

Fifty years means you get the day off
It’s your present from all your buddies at work.
Don’t waste a minute.
Get out of here, scram!
Your 50th birthday is waiting for you!
You are the man!

Happy 50th from the work crew!
We appreciate everything you do!
Eat a big piece of cake and have a drink on us!